Keywords Xinyang Shanghai dragon on the layout

if we analyze it and our business related keywords more than 3 or more of us how to layout? Why we may doubt the company will target keywords so much? In fact, compared with a product or a service for small companies, they will not spend more the money and effort on the site. The main reason is China development of the Internet is not so strong, but the Internet enterprises this is a trend, all is a company website, such cognitive skills. Do not spend big price or energy for each product or each business to establish an independent website. read more

How to identify the hazards of black hat and black hat Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon brings

The analysis of !

301 jump this way is a very hate black hat Shanghai dragon means. The webmaster is submitted to the search engine friendly website to the aristocrat baby, Baidu search engine website website, including inside the chain are of high quality. But he presents to the search is also a website inside unexpectedly is spam or pop-up ads.

black hat Shanghai Longfeng chain is mostly one-way connection, we all know that the anchor text is to improve the key word ranking is very favorable, so the black hat Shanghai dragon is the use of this point, quickly improve website ranking in the search engine. The most typical black hat in Shanghai dragon in the chain of the anchor text is black chain. read more

How to attract the spider love Shanghai snapshot update

then is the chain of the problem, you won’t know you light update spider update, because you have deeply hurt her heart, you through various methods to let her know, so they need to increase the reverse link, the reverse link website I received only a few days later, 3 reverse link number close to 500. At the beginning, the reverse link should not be too much, overeager spider is repugnant. How to increase the reverse link? I believe that everyone should understand, there are many backlinks words easier to upgrade Google keyword ranking, I how to do 3 days 500 backlinks to share with you. read more

Love Shanghai share Six Secrets you don’t know

, 1 for IP; 2, brush once every few hours; 3, many people each brush.

tips: don’t count, be sure to share to the terminal, to your site more benefits.

, a Shanghai share love really can improve



this is the hottest topic in the Shanghai dragon Er, in my opinion, whether love Shanghai currently has no the ranking algorithm, it will definitely affect the ranking.

January 9th, Shanghai found love sharing data with the thumb on the love of Shanghai snapshot, then ecstasy. Because when this thing without what special purpose is in order to share my website. See the thumb and count. Behind the snapshot, put up the mouse display "102 love", it is a cool feeling. At that time, the general site, including the well-known Shanghai dragon website, have the sign. This is the symbol of identity!!! read more

The status quo high-quality original content first

because search engines want their customers in the shortest possible time, customers want to find answers through the search engine.

that is: continue to provide original content. (of course is to be associated with the theme of the site, and each page keywords to search keywords is demand only).

2. domain name, host selection

How to update:

we run website must constantly update (no one will love a timeless old website)

2. per month at least 4 to 5 of original articles published;

3. station link read more

How to optimize the site URL

"http: //s. Shanghai dragon moon. Net ***/***/***/***.html "it is clear that the depth of 4 URL, but the problem has cropped up, so the depth, the user clicks on a page, basically have to climb 4 directory. In the view of the search engine, basically will think: website to deceive users click. Of course, things are not absolute, generally speaking if these links can display on the home page, the search engine will be a good many, if not in the home show in general: two depth, or the most * * four depth depth, and we will not consider many long, not aware of it so, the website weight is low. read more

Keywords web site optimization selection method based on analysis and interpretation



Determination of

is the largest intersection of concentric circle, the same circle, with different radius of circle intersection appear most, the effect of strength of website optimization is the most ideal and most province. What is the key choice of concentric circle? Is to determine a core keywords, around the core word explore some words and extend the long tail word. Such as "site construction" is the key word, then the "Shanghai site construction", "professional website construction", "site construction company" is the extension of the word, "Shanghai construction site to find a", "website construction company" and so on is the long tail word. And these words, the biggest is the "construction site", that is to realize the core word determined. read more

Linktech Alliance TVSN new users to send packets.Popcorn alliance because no credit arrears, Adsense

2. market coupons more than 1000 yuan in order to offset the amount of orders.

1. an order can only use a coupon market, use date: March 17, 2008 -2008 year in April 18th.

The following is

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

this is the total amount of popcorn owed, that is to say, still more than 1100 dollars did not pay, dragged for a year, it is estimated that it will not pay.

2. during the event in the first successful website channel order of users over 1500 yuan to return 200 yuan coupon market; read more

Wang Tong and the countermeasure analysis of Shanghai Shanghai dragon love change algorithm


so under these circumstances, the change of the so-called "love Shanghai fight for the original, to enhance the user experience is very failure

the real reason: forced sales, in order to enhance the sales performance of

June, love Shanghai algorithm change as follows:

for example, our company’s website: content is the most pure original article, so even if people in the search search tongwang贵族宝贝 is also ranked first, but in the search for "love Shanghai tongwang贵族宝贝", the first row is actually a waste site. read more

How to through the soft expansion of the chain

and the aggressive chain, the soft chain is a good example, because the search engines continue to suppress, some chain technique once is no longer so easy and effective, and the promotion of soft paper is paid more and more attention, the use of soft chain is more and more welcome of webmaster, one a very important reason is because of the expansion of the soft outside the chain, then the wooden Shanghai dragon will talk about how to expand the chain through the soft

choose the good quality of the platform is mainly because of the platform of high weight, and then compare the authority has credibility, can contribute to improve visibility in the above platform, then the flow of people, the exposure rate is high, the last is that a lot of other sites and software platform will come to these collected articles. The owners of the home, such as A5, why, 28 Shanghai dragon is a good choice. At the same time can also set up an independent blog with soft Wen promotion, the blog itself is a good outside chain resources, the soft can be sent in the blog and then to contribute, not only contribute to the blog to do the long tail keywords, but also through the soft platform to improve the visibility of the blog, so many times on the blog can also get a lot of traffic at the same time, a lot of collection site even directly to the blog collection of your article, one of the key points of what we want is the chain expansion, but after a certain well-known copy will be more links with the people, the expansion effect can be strengthened. read more

Site is not the first home page is a normal phenomenon

site is not the first home page, you can say one thing to the other webmasters very troublesome. Many sites will appear in the home is not the first love of Shanghai enter the site command, the home page ranking to several, even no ranking home page. This situation many webmaster think came right home page or K station. So in Shanghai love to enter site command when the home is not the first ranking on our website in the end there is no effect? It is not a normal phenomenon? I according to their own understanding, combined with their own experience of website, do some explanation. read more

QQ Taobao space to do a monthly income of 200 thousand passengers

how do I use the QQ website to flow into the QQ space, the monthly income of 200 thousand?

when I put Beaming with Joy money to bank card, since the time I add to these ads, because also do a lot of websites, such as QQ space QQ space brush popularity, automatic watering.

I made a small Taobao internal discount channel. At that time all the publicity in the website, a lot of play QQ space, QQ net friend, see the title of special interest, direct access to my space, it is a day to more than 50 thousand IP. read more

Solve some big problems with tips in the process of establishment of Shanghai Dragon

search engine is the black box operation, outsiders cannot know the real point, most of the time, only through practice and a lot of speculation, and try to keep some effective methods. Many small skills are worthy of understanding, may be able to solve big problems.

3 site leads to a directory not included?

The revision of the

our website had a facelift, led to a specific directory of the article is no longer included, I checked the Internet more than N data, N has a variety of claims, basically no one is reliable, so I also consulted the Shanghai love administrator, detailed description of your site the situation. Probably experience a month, included the return to normal. read more

Detailed interpretation of web search engine and a snapshot of some problems

love Shanghai snapshot time: 2013-10-28

factors being punished.

three how to quickly restore the site snapshot

1, check and eliminate

copyright 贵族宝贝 all, reprint, please bring the source and authors.

the following is the same website in October 28, 2014 search snapshot comparison.

snapshot site health and update quality

note: wrong 301 jump (just jump page), domain name abuse will lead to


1. in the ranking is mainly in the period of the snapshot data as the standard, especially title read more

Shanghai Longfeng summary of events behind the unhealthy mentality

do it for more than 2 years, I feel this year is the year not only be not of the common sort, is in love with the sea K station again and again, and 360 was born, more Zhang Guoping teacher forum closed in light years, the mobile Internet events this year’s frequency is not poor, but this incident also exposed several bad mentality in Shanghai dragon or practitioners of the webmaster.

Forum – Internet garbage off light-years with no moral

due to more of my own free time, so there are a lot of the time you can go to the blog, so that some of the more well-known blog will be at K station after full, such as 10.23 earlier update events, when the message Lu Songsong blog reached hundreds, of which nothing more than some of Shanghai’s dissatisfaction with love or, is the self cross word, but who knows the site worked so hard to build up is not easy, repetitive work that day in and day out think about all upset, but let’s not say Shanghai is right or wrong, only see from all this practice can, we are not rational, not mature enough, very easy when encountering "except for" bewitched, like that of the malicious click event 6.28 is a good example of this point, because as the destruction of navy is really useful for you, I think We really need to consider. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization from the entry to the three elements in the

for the webmaster friends, good website optimization Shanghai dragon has become a must learn the skills, but many webmaster think highly of Shanghai Longfeng optimal learning difficulty for individuals, if not to the long-term learning spirit is very difficult to do well, but I think, in fact Shanghai Longfeng optimal learning the difficulty is not high, because for our webmaster, it is not necessary to know the love of Shanghai search engine algorithm is how to write, as long as the search engine to know principle on the line, and then combined with the principle, targeted optimization can make their sites get better rankings for their in fact, from the website, Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the entry to the master, only strictly abide by the three elements, you will find that learning particularly easy, under the The plane would like to share with you the read more

Stand in front of the mountains of Shanghai dragon master optimization

search engine optimization and expert master not only talk about, is more experienced and lack of experience, the rest did not have any difference, we can easily fall into a misunderstanding, that some people will say: because of work experience or technical differences with the environment, affecting my the worst is the ability, people say they don’t have their technology because of their work in the platform is not the same, so the impact of their own technological advance, Shanghai dragon you can do it yourself, the environment and the execution of these two seriously look at. read more

Qian Yushan the analysis of the case of the optimization of Shanghai dragon group purchase website

group purchase website needs to be optimized? See in many recent online group purchase website a lot of talent recruitment Shanghai Longfeng personnel, it can be seen that the group purchase website also needs to optimize. How to optimize the group purchase website? Money today Yushan Shanghai dragon tutorial network on every day, do a detailed analysis of the case group purchase optimization strategy under the group purchase website.

two, the current situation and improvement suggestions to optimize the network optimization team in current day group purchase website operation, great progress has been obtained than before. As of July 4th, every group purchase network relevant Shanghai Longfeng data as follows: domain name registration date 18-mar- 2010, age 2 years; PR5, SR3, Alexa245805; the amount included love Shanghai 6050, Google 2310; love Shanghai related domain 958, YAHOO chain 400. The author after careful analysis, find that there is still some places need to be improved. The following is analyzed from several aspects: read more

Shanghai dragon key skills

two. Select the

website is very good, so some simple and moderately difficult words in the title change within 7 days after they have very good rankings, such sites most of the chain of good, the number is more than 5000, so, for the optimal estimation of time of a web site, view the site outside the chain is a web site optimization to do.

is not all keywords are to optimize the search engine home page.


easy keyword optimization in 7-15 days time; secondary keywords in 1.5-2 months; keywords high difficulty in 3 months or so, if the words of 3 months still do not come up, don’t pick up, according to the contact with the customers, customers can receive the maximum period of time optimization is 3 a month, more than 3 months, the site of the recommended brand. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization details of what can become a booster optimization work

third, to analysis the details of the internal optimization improved their own web sites. The author thinks that the process of Web site optimization is constantly adjusting process analysis, we will only both inside and outside to make the site outside the station through the talent shows itself, to bring us real traffic, but the website optimization details of the user experience is a direct impact on the user views on opposite sides of the site, such as common the number of concurrent server is relatively small, especially small and medium-sized websites once while online number 100 will immediately appear on the website open speed slow, unable to visit, there are many years of enterprise station, not update the contents of the website. read more