PC World Design Director Text is More Important on the Web—As a

first_img“You could be the best designer in the world, but text is more important on the Web,” Brightman said. “As a designer, that hurts. It does.” CHICAGO—“They literally had meetings for days and days about how much red they could use on the Web site.”That’s how Jason Brightman, design director at PC World, described the magazine’s color fixation during a design session here at the FOLIO: Show. “Red’s great, but you’ll go blind trying to read text that way.”He said he made a small but important change on the site: Shifted the text to blue. “It had the added bonus of the color people recognize as link,” Brightman said, adding that it’s more important to be readable than follow any brand’s style guide. Designers, he said, should favor “user experience over matching the brand palette.”last_img

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