Shanghai Longfeng orders Six Skills skillful appointment

3, using the appropriate strategy, in the process of continuous drugging: reservation and customer telephone communication, are likely to encounter such a customer, do not reject your commitment to your what is not, and you fooled, so we will need some medicine to customers, or in the form of promotional activities to give him a prevent needle, see clearly the real intention of the customer, if the customer is still with you, so that a problem, the customer is just killing time, treat customers like we should be screening, can temporarily put a paragraph. read more

Shanghai Dragon Technology Practice Web log analysis technique

A few days ago in Shanghai Web log records is a spider to visit the website, do the Internet domain name basically clear, just let us convenient memory and communication, when we visited the site, in fact, to run in the background analysis, the domain names into IP addresses, so the IP >

we have a web log block of understanding, but we still don’t know what the web log, then we look at what kind of Web log, here in Suining Shanghai dragon blog show us.

According to the above read more

The author describes the processing strategy in the website optimization process

Shanghai algorithm, love Shanghai appeared in the search results page, the search results mainly on content extraction, and refining the content is usually directly translated description, so the user in the search for relevant keywords to find your web site, the user catches the eye is description, so if describe a very refined, but also can accurately express the website content, then it can be very good to attract users to click on, it is very important to enhance the site’s traffic will play. So how to optimize the site better description of read more

Talk about how to select keywords website optimization


3. contrast carefullyHigh quality


2. statistical analysis keywords

the words of the site, then you can start working on our website optimization, in this process, we sorted out before the site key word library still can be a reference for us to carry out the construction of content. Although the web page can contain only a few keywords limited, but we can be in the news page or product page content when embedding more keywords planning. Website optimization to a certain extent, not only the home page can get some keywords ranking, information page or product page can also get a certain rank, so as to bring more traffic to the site. read more

Several competitors dimension chain analysis

domain, so this is undoubtedly the most important point inside the chain dimension index, is the chain from the number without domain name, because the domain number, the more people vote for you, this.

platform type, the needless to say we all know, is the Commissioner of the chain often go outside the chain of different media, such as the commonly used social media, blogs, bookmarks, forums, information classification, Links, diversification of the chain platform is undoubtedly the most point is "natural connection". read more

The world’s 3 month ranking from 116 thousand to 16 thousand in secret

, launched 7 employees and friends


optimization concept

4, YAHOO’s baby, like an aristocrat


webmaster resources easy to develop, most understand the principle of Alexa, and cooperative development tools, such as a traffic demand community webmaster cooperation http://s.s3.amazonaws贵族宝贝/com.alexa.toolbar/atbp/ReAiYl/download/index.htm.

The ranking method of

2, reasonable exploitation of alexa

Alexa is a website ranking of the third party certification body, the need for large amounts of data, easy to use, I hope. read more

Why is the demand for relevance ranking influence reason


search and search words the fastest rising is the same, related keywords >

correlation page ranking Of course, the index in Shanghai Love Association according to this?

this may concern less, that is the analysis of the keywords row which web site in the search engine, what are the characteristics of these sites, the preferred types of analyses, such as your search is the product of word row is the B2B site, or enterprise stand, or ask, library, pictures, analysis of ranking rules now help us have a reference, not detours. read more

The kernel power inside the forward movement of the search engine system

Since the


in the internal search engine system, operating rules must follow these search engines. The reason is here to talk about the kernel, rather than within, the reason for this is: the inner, is focused on the person’s heart and head. Is a personal wish in the expression of internal search engine system. Whether this site is healthy, or illegal. The webmaster in this inside a common standard of living is to get traffic, get directional flow, can get into the flow of material interests. read more

Three months of website ranking home page optimization

, the first page optimization is the most important, because the home page ranking is directly related to your list page and content page ranking, a web page ranking is high, when the page ranking is stable and the content page list page ranking, so in the choice of keywords when also very attention. The choice of keywords in the next view.

gave us three months of preparation in the website ranking home on time, today we bring is ready after all the things, now is not the optimization of the web page, the page is today in the optimization application of H label, nofollow, ALT tags, hope to be able to help everyone. Today is about some of my own point of view, so do not like do not spray, because everyone’s views are not the same, the optimization means are different. You can go to optimize the trash, also hope you give me some suggestions, we start from the front page optimization to the column surface to the content page is divided into three parts of the page. read more

Why the webmaster to site analysis

3, buy a domain name, buy a domain is divided into two parts: just buy high weight domain and ZhengZhan purchase, for whole station make contributions to buy natural resources station, then included the more the better; to buy only high weight domain is mainly to see whether there are included, for the domain name does not exist. The author does not buy. Because the domain name may be K. Essays in search for a high weight corn shop in Shanghai in the name of love, such as the domain name I do not recommend the purchase: read more