Online Reputation Management: Big Deal For Small Business

first_img Timely (and appropriate) reaction to criticisms and issues goal Monitoring your online reputation is of course not enough, you at least need to manage it. Managing online reputation means: To start out use This is of course only the tip of the iceberg. You can’t control all the websites out there but there are little helpers and some professional solutions too. free guide from 2006 subduing the original messages Digg or top-ranking blogs. There are many social media sites that are based on on User Generated Content (UGC) — their Trying to sweep things under the run is not an effective way to manage your online reputation. The issues will reappear again and again. You may not care about politics but politics cares about you. Technorati Watchlist You should resist the strong temptation to automatically defend your company online when you receive criticism.  If you do respond with truthful and objective information, you should make clear your affiliation with the company.  Most small businesses struggle with managing their online reputation. When they notice their brand being under fire they often resort to tactics of More and more, users are conversing on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and others about products and services.  Although you can ignore these conversations, there’s one inherent risk with this:  Your online reputation can have a significant impact on your offline business relationships.  What makes this particularly troubling is that social media sites, blogs and forums can often rank well in Google — perhaps even higher than your own website. Imagine a prospective customer searching on Google for your company or product and landing on a discussion of your business online.  An important conversation that impacts your business.  One that you’d likely want to at least participate in. Tripadvisor Wikipedia All of these sites are featured very prominently in Google search results for related search terms. Shopping search engines rank well for product results where users review them. Tripadvisor reviews are used to determine the importance of a hotel and it’s position in local search results which appear above the other Google search results. The more reviews, the better. Wikipedia ranks in the Google top 10 for almost any query so it is very likely that the Wikipedia entry will be found near or even above your company website. . These methods in most cases backfire! and other so called shopping search engines, the let users rate products and shops You have to monitor these sites depending on what your business focuses on. If you want more check out Even if you are a small business, social media users are increasingly likely to talk about your business online.  Now you might argue that you don’t need to worry about this as nobody would write about your business in a blog, discussion forum or social news site.  Technorati tracks weblogs for the terms relevant to you, Google will notify you when instances of your keywords appear on Google results but also Google News or Google Blogsearch. these services Do not try to squash the conversation.  ” is an old saying that also applies to social media and the Web. . tools for reputation management ” Google Alerts Local SEO Consider popular sites like: has entries for most companies, international corporations entries always have a “criticism” part as well as this larger list that includes also other Bizrate Why would anybody talk online about a biotech patent attorney or a niche-market enterprise software company?  Most small businesses are not important enough to be referenced in social popular, mainstream social media sites.  But it’s not only about and similar let users rate hotels, restaurants and local businesses beyond monitoring. is to attract discussion and debate on a specific topic or industry. Originally published Mar 11, 2008 10:42:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Publishing your own take on your company via different media like blogs, press releases, UGC sites Note:  This article was written primarily by a freelance writer who is an internet marketing and social media consultant.  Monitoring search results and social media for mentions of your company or product Topics: If you want to read more about reputation management try this Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Great Links for Marketing Mavens

first_img Originally published Apr 11, 2008 4:10:00 PM, updated October 01 2019 Here are some links to great marketing articles that I found on Your Blog Writing from Good to Great – (Idiot’s Guide to Blogging)Social Media Starter Moves for Entrepreneurs – (Chris Brogan)What Every Entrepreneur Ought to Know About Traditional Advertising – (Baymard)How Often do you Calculate CPC ROI? – (Startup Hustle)Do you know of other useful articles for Marketing Mavens?Submit them to Links.HubSpot. Once you join, you can submit articles and vote other articles up or down. It is a great way to share information and see what other marketing professionals are reading.Have a great weekend! Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Five Video Projects You Can Do in 25 Minutes or Less

first_img 1) Record a quick interview. 2) Record a “live” music video. . Example: let you record your screen and voice at the same time. Use it to make avisual step-by-step. Perhaps you can record how youuse Gmail or Twitter. Maybe visually show a new user how to make aFacebook Group.   to learn how to use online video to grow your business with inbound marketing. (PC) and upload to Youtube. You’re done! Just dance 5) Make a how-to screencast. Online video content should be short Webinar: How to Use Online Video for Inbound Marketing Tools like Originally published Jan 5, 2010 8:30:00 AM, updated October 20 2016 Don’tforget your camera the next time you go to a conference or networkingevent! Getting a few short clips of various talks is a great way toshare what you’re learning with others. Note: Make sure recording of speakers is allowed before recording and publishing. Think up 3 questions for your CEO, an executive, a customer, or anyrockstar employee from your company. Get their answers free-form oncamera. Throw it into an easy video editing programs like iMovie (Mac)or . Your recording and production time can be a sprint, not a marathon. What other quick video projects have you done? Optimize LinkedIn Profile for SEO Screencast How do you get started with YouTube, video podcasting, live streaming, or viral videos. 3) Give a video tour of your office. Example: Chris Penn on Inbound Marketing and Passion and Kodak Zi8 are hand-held andrecord high quality video at the same time. Have an enthusiasticemployee show the outside world where you work. People love gettingan inside view! Example:center_img Flip Cam Example: Interview with Mark Roberge, HubSpot Sales Manager Camtasia Bernie Borges Gets Tour of HubSpot by Rebecca Corliss Lots of Digg Dubb: Groove Is In The Heart Tip: Overlay the song track in post production for higher quality audio; however, YouTube may request to make a pop up ad in your video to sell the song–to avoid copyright issues. . This content may be less businessrelated, but it could something to showcase your coworkers’personality and have a little fun! Don’t want to lip sync? Example: Many folks shy away from creating video because they think it takes too darn long. Here’s a secret: Download the free webinar like the 4) Record your favorite speaker at a conference. A current, popular internet meme are “lip syncing” videos, where folkswill cool cameras Here’s five quick video projects you can do no sweat:  Pinnacle Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Topics: Video Marketing mouth along the words to a popular songlast_img read more

Benchmark Data: PPC Used For Traffic and Lead Generation

first_img One aspect of PPC that did not get asked in MarketingSherpa’s survey was the value of PPC in relation to tests.  When we’re trying to decide what to call an eBook or a kit, we often test the names in PPC campaigns. This way we can see which title gets the better traction. We test subject lines for future emails to help us get a sense of what catches people’s attention. And we test keyword phrases, and follow the chain from click through to conversion rates. This lets us know where to focus our attention for organic search. , and in it you can find out how your company compares in relation to keyword numbers, click through rates and conversion rates. That will at least give you some benchmark from which to decide how well your PPC campaigns work. MarketingSherpa’s 2011 Search Marketing Benchmark Report – PPC Edition PPC But the key here is ROI. PPC campaigns can be costly, both in terms of money spent and time allocated, and you need to constantly keep an eye on what your costs are, even if you’re getting leads, more website traffic and sales. We also think you need to evaluate PPC in relation to industry benchmarks and metrics. For example if you’re getting a 5% click through rate and 4% conversion, is that good or not? HubSpot is sponsoring an excerpt from MarketingSherpa’s 2011 Search Marketing Benchmark Report – PPC Edition   Almost 50% of respondents to MarketingSherpa’s PPC survey said PPC was very effective in increasing lead generation. So if your objective is to increase leads, then you should definitely look into PPC. According to this report, the same can be said for increasing website traffic and generating online sale revenue. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlackcenter_img Originally published Oct 25, 2010 5:00:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 Topics: . Lead Generation Hub This post contains older information, but has been left up for historical reasons. For more up-to-date information, please see our . The chart above shows the effectiveness of PPC objectives according the survey respondents tolast_img read more

The Inbound Marketer’s Complete Guide to Newsjacking

first_img Newsjacking Breaking news, you guys! Something really important happened in your industry. Or in an industry tangentially related to yours. Or … somewhere in the world … completely unrelated to your industry.If you found an opportunity to write a blog post , launch a social media campaign, get press coverage, or generate some sort of sales or lead gen offer in all of those scenarios, then you’re a newsjacker — and that’s a great thing to be as an inbound marketer! If you haven’t heard of newsjacking before, well then this is the blog post for you. Without further ado, let’s break down what newsjacking is, why every inbound marketer should be doing it, and exactly how you can do it yourself! What is Newsjacking? Newsjacking refers to the practice of capitalizing on the popularity of a news story to amplify your sales and marketing success. The term was popularized due to David Meerman Scott’s book Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage . Basically, news is breaking every second in this crazy world of ours, and there’s a point at which marketers have a unique opportunity to ride the popularity wave of a breaking story to benefit their business in some way. Now, the popularity dies down pretty quickly — perhaps in hours, usually in days, if you’re lucky, in weeks — but the impact of seizing the story early to benefit your business is big … especially compared to the effort you had to put in to get in on the action. Take a look at a visual representation of this phenomenon with Scott’s timeline :Makes sense, right? It’s why we at HubSpot write blog posts when Google makes an algorithm update or, most recently, changes to the way they display search results . If people are going to be talking about it, and it affects our audience, we should be writing about it and getting in on the action!But it extends beyond just news directly related to your industry. Scott explains the concept of newsjacking stories that aren’t directly related to your business in his book with a Kate Winslet example. That’s right, I’m working Kate Winslet into this blog post. You may or may not remember, but last year Kate Winslet was staying with Sir Richard Branson at a private retreat in the British Virgin Islands when lightning struck the home, setting it on fire. Branson’s elderly mother was in the home, and Winslet carried her out of the fire to safety.Pretty amazing, right? News outlets certainly thought so, and the story was picked up worldwide. But you know who else thought it was amazing? The London Fire Brigade who, within a few hours of the story’s release, wrote a story for their website in which they offered Winslet a chance to train with their firefighters at their local training center. They let reporters in on their offer, and with little or no money the London Fire Brigade had tons of site traffic, inbound links, and media exposure to do with as they pleased. And that, my friends, is newsjacking ! Why You Should Newsjack Here’s the thing about newsjacking … to do it well, you have to be quick. That’s also one of the biggest benefits of newsjacking! Marketers often get so caught up in the details of a campaign or bogged down by the prospect of writing a blog post that they become paralyzed, and don’t actually end up doing anything at all. Newsjacking requires marketers to, in the immortal words of Nike, just do it .But boosting marketers out of an inactivity funk isn’t the only benefit to newsjacking. It also yields SEO benefits, improves your brand’s reputation, and drives highly targeted traffic that can turn into leads and even sales — and it does it all really, really quickly at a very low cost. Consider this scenario that HubSpot finds itself in pretty frequently … just last week, in fact: 1) Google released the Knowledge Graph, and a coworker who knew my penchant for newsjacking immediately sent me a link to the story. 2) I quickly wrote a blog post about the Knowledge Graph , explaining what inbound marketers should know about the new release and its impact on organic search results. 3) The post generated double digit inbound links, and improved our organic search rankings — especially for queries related to Google’s Knowledge Graph, as Google’s algorithm rewards websites who publish content about news stories quickly since their freshness update late last fall. 4) The post has also driven thousands of visitors to our blog and main website, due to not just the organic search visibility we gained from writing the content, but because of the hundreds of social shares the post received, too. After all, everyone wants to be the first to break industry news on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+! 5) Because we always include calls-to-action in our blog posts, newsjacking this story also generated leads for our sales organization, some of which will convert into future HubSpot customers. Plus, we know exactly what to talk about with those leads when we nurture them and speak to them on the phone — SEO and the Knowledge Graph! 6) HubSpot’s credibility increases as we prove to our audience that we will always stay up to date on important industry news and teach them what they need to know to be great inbound marketers .Convinced that newsjacking is something you should incorporate into your inbound marketing repertoire? This next section will tell you how! How to Newsjack You’re about to learn how to newsjack, and it might look like a lot of steps. Don’t be intimidated! Newsjacking is a pretty simple process, and remember — the key to doing it successfully is thinking and acting fast. So while I’ve broken this out into many steps to make it easier to digest, when you do this for yourself for the first time, you’ll see just how swiftly you move through the process. Step 1: Set Up Alerts To find stories to newsjack, you have to constantly monitor the news. You could spend the entire day reading the internet, or you could use technology to make monitoring much easier and less time consuming! I’m assuming you prefer the latter 😉 Set up an RSS feed that includes major news outlets as well as industry publications that will alert you to both natural and out-of-the-box opportunities. And don’t forget about leveraging social media, particularly Twitter, as a means of stumbling upon newsjacking opportunities. We use our own social media monitoring tool to set up mentions of terms we’d like to monitor for, and perhaps newsjack! Originally published May 23, 2012 9:00:00 AM, updated August 09 2017 Topics:center_img Step 2: Check Keyword Search Volume Once you find a story you’d like to newsjack, you’ll need to create some content around it. Before you get writing, take a few moments to research the search volume around variations of the keyword phrase you’d like to target. Yes, Google’s algorithm will reward you for writing about a news item first, but wouldn’t you like to get that extra little organic boost because you chose to target a variation of your keyword phrase with higher search volume? For example, did you know that the phrase “what is the google panda update” has an approximate global monthly search of 14,800, while the phrase “google panda update explanation” has (gasp!) no search volume? That’s a good piece of information to have when creating and optimizing your content, and all from just a few measley minutes of keyword research! Step 3: Read About Your Topic I know, you want to get to the actual newsjacking already, right? One more thing before you start creating content and promoting! Find the primary source of the news story, and what others have already written about the news story. This is important for two reasons: it allows you to maintain originality, and credibility.Think about it this way — if the London Fire Brigade offered their free fire training lessons to Kate Winslet a few hours after another group did the exact same thing, they’d look foolish and behind the times, not to mention their effort would be wasted. Similarly, if we had written a blog post explaining the Google Knowledge Graph based off of just one news outlet’s understanding of the change, we could easily pass along incorrect information, or at the very least not present the entire scope of the story. Find the primary source, gauge what others have written, and get a firm grasp on the story before you proceed to the actual newsjacking. Step 4: Write Quickly, but Accurately Now that you’re well versed in the breaking story you’re going to newsjack, get to writing … and do it fast ! Usually when you write a blog post, you might spend time sifting through stock photography to find the best image to accompany the post. Or perhaps you experiment with formatting to see whether your list should be in bullet or number format. While we applaud your perfectionist nature, newsjacking is not the time for such things — you want to be the first to respond to a news story, after all! As long as your content is accurate and has been read through once by a trusted colleague, the nitpicky things many of us typically do before publishing content should be reserved for later. Step 5: Differentiate Yourself You should always inject your own angle when you’re newsjacking. Ask yourself — what makes this story interesting to my audience, specifically? For example, a developer could newsjack the Google Knowledge Graph story by writing about how their algorithm was engineered, as opposed to writing about how it affects marketers and SEOs. Or maybe you’re a tad late to the game and someone has already written your angle to the story. That doesn’t mean you can’t write it better — perhaps you can be more thorough, more clear, or provide more meaningful examples. When you’re newsjacking, you need to provide some reason for people to reference your content above all the other content out there! Step 6: Get the Word Out The last step to a successful newsjacking is actually marketing your marketing. Yes, you might get some natural traction from organic search , but that alone won’t give you the power punch you wanted that made you newsjack in the first place. Let people know about your spin on the story! For example, we share all of our newsjacking content on our social networks to extend its reach. But we also foster long term relationships with partners and journalists who can help get the word out there when relevant. After all, others are always looking for juicy content to keep their web content flowing — if you can be the one to offer them a unique story, you can bet they’re going to give your newsjacking some coverage! Do you already incorporate newsjacking into your inbound marketing strategy? Share your tips and tricks in the comments! Image credit: Pasukaru76 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

The CIA Released Their Style Guide, and It’s Absolutely Fascinating

first_img Branding Topics: This post originally appeared on The Agency Post. To read more content like this, subscribe to The Agency Post.The Chicago Manual of Style. The Associated Press Stylebook.And I guess I have to mention that college-age necessity: the MLA Handbook.If you adhere to a certain stylebook, then you know you have certain allegiances to commas, hyphens, and abbreviations. But if your business or client is a bit less visually stimulating — and even a “tad” secretive — then you need to check out the recently surfaced Directorate of Intelligence’s Style Manual & Writers Guide for Intelligence Publications, which was released to the National Security Counselors after a Freedom of Information Act request.It’s a more serious guide to writing with clarity, but it is just as interesting as BuzzFeed’s online style guide, which includes entries for bro-ing (not to be confused with a bro-down) and fav’ed. While it wasn’t penned by David Ogilvy, the guide is just as quotable:“The world is not static. Nor is the language we employ to assess it.” The guide contains the correct spellings for words like death squad (two words) while also using wholesome examples to illustrate correct usage: “Rodgers and Hammerstein’s only collaboration specifically for a film was on State Fair.” It also includes a Well-Known Abbreviations section, which highlights ABM (antiballistic missile), ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile), SAM (surface-to-air missile), SRBM (short-range ballistic missile), and SLBM (submarine-launched ballistic missile) — just in case you were confused.The document states that: “This compilation is meant to provide guidance for writers of intelligence publications as well as writers of intelligence-related administrative papers. All are assumed already to possess the three essentials of intelligence analysis: knowledge, clarity of thought, and good judgment. No writing, however skilled, can conceal deficiencies in these requisites.” It continues with some sage advice for any writer or editor:Keep the language crisp and pungent; prefer the forthright to the pompous and ornate.Do not stray from the subject; omit the extraneous, no matter how brilliant it may seem or even be.Favor the active voice and shun streams of polysyllables and prepositional phrases.Be frugal in the use of adjectives and adverbs; let nouns and verbs show their own power.Be objective; write as a reporter or analyst or administrator unless you are entitled to write as a policymaker.While your client may not be one of the most secretive and dividing organizations in the Free World (and the guide has an entry on this as well: use noncommunist world in all but historical contexts), your team might be able to learn a few things about adhering to brand standards when writing. Here are some memorable insights, examples of correct usage, and general guidelines from the 8th edition of the CIA’s style manual:Disinformation, MisinformationDisinformation refers to the deliberate planting of false reports. Misinformation equates in meaning but does not carry the same devious connotation.Technical TermsFor the most part, DI analysts are writing for generalists. Generalists may have deep expertise in specific areas, such as missile technology or a country’s tribal politics; nonetheless, the analyst’s goal is to do away with the specialist’s jargon and to put everything into layman’s language. If your audience consists of just a few people who thoroughly understand the subject (or who cannot be trusted to follow the reasoning without jargon to guide them), by all means sprinkle your piece with technical terms. Most of the time, however, write for the nonexpert.Exclamation PointBecause intelligence reports are expected to be dispassionate, this punctuation mark should rarely, if ever, be used.PeriodThe use of the period is so elementary that it hardly needs to be discussed in this guide except to point out that it is not generally used in CIA for abbreviations and that a single space is used between sentences.Question MarkA question mark may be used as part of an appropriate title. Moscow and the Eurocommunists: Where Next? A Credible Nuclear Deterrent?Feelcarries tricky emotional overtones. If a piece of analysis says the leaders of another country feel a certain way, the policymaking reader may conclude that the writer is identifying with those leaders — and perhaps criticizing the policymaker. You are on safer ground with calculate or estimate, whose relationship to the policymaker’s operational world is unambiguous.Dieis something we all do, even writers who relegate world leaders to a sort of Immortality Club with phrasing like the President has taken steps to ensure a peaceful transition if he should die. Reality can be recognized by inserting in office or before the end of his term, or even by saying simply when he dies. Probable, PossibleAnalysts, particularly military analysts, are tempted to use probable 
or possible when what probably is or what possibly is is the proper formulation: the attache saw what probably is a missile, not the attache saw a probable missile. Could the officer have seen an improbable (or impossible!) missile?Lay, LieLay means to put, place, or prepare. It always takes a direct object. Both the past tense and the past participle are laid. (The President ordered his aide to lay a wreath at the unknown soldier’s tomb. The aide laid the wreath two hours later. Yesterday a wreath was laid by the defense minister.) Lie means to recline or be situated; it never takes a direct object. Confusion arises because the past tense of lie is lay (the past participle is lain). He lies (or lay, or has lain) down. Nonconventional, UnconventionalNonconventional refers to high-tech weaponry short of nuclear explosives. Fuel-air bombs are effective nonconventional weapons. Unconventional means not bound by convention. Shirley Chisholm was an unconventional woman. Political PhilosophiesNot all liberal European parties have the word liberal in their names. The communist countries today are China, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, and Vietnam. Communist countries and parties often call themselves “Socialist” or “socialist.” In paraphrasing communist statements, put such references in quotation marks. The same applies to imperialism and imperialist (and to anti-imperialism and anti-imperialist), which are terms communists use in describing their opponents.Holidays, Religious Feasts, and Historic and Other Significant EventsCapitalize the W in October War or Six-Day War because either term as a whole is a distinguishing coined name, but 1973 Middle East war or 1967 Arab-Israeli war is distinguishing enough without the capital W. Avoid Yom Kippur war, which is slangy. Do not uppercase the w in Korean war, which was “undeclared”; the same logic applies to Vietnam war and Falklands war, and a similar convention (if not logic) to Iran-Iraq war.NicknamesWhen a nickname or a descriptive expression replaces a person’s first name, capitalize it. If the nickname falls between a person’s first and last names, capitalize it and enclose it in quotation marks. The late revolutionary Che Guevara,
 Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin “Bibi” NetanyahuReligious TermsDo not capitalize such terms when they are used in a nonreligious sense. This style guide, which should be the bible for intelligence writers, attempts to be catholic in its approach to English usage.PluralsOne of Theodore M. Bernstein’s best style books is Dos, Don’ts & Maybes of English Usage, but it fails to point out that most incorrect due to’s can be remedied by changing them to because of’s. (Note that the ‘s is not italicized when attached to form the plural forms of the italicized due to and because of in this example.)Separation of ClausesRailroading is not a variety of outdoor sport: it is a service.Anticipate, ExpectWhen you anticipate an event, you generally make some preparation for it; when you expect an event. you simply await developments before acting. They anticipated a hostile crowd, so they mobilized the National Guard. Had they expected a hostile crowd, they would not have been surprised, but the National Guard would not have been there.Celebrity Copycattingcan lead one up the garden path because those emulated are not always pure of speech. A venerable newscaster persists in mispronouncing February (without the first r sound) and has misled a whole generation. Another Pied Piper of TV is given to saying “one of those who is”—joining many others who are deceived by the one and forget that the plural who is the subject of the verb (see one). The classic copycat phrase, at this point in time, grew out of the Watergate hearings and now is so firmly entrenched that we may never again get people to say at this time, at present, or simply now (see presently).Escalate, Accelerate, IntensifyEscalate means to increase by successive stages. A confrontation can escalate from border skirmishes to raids to invasion to all-out war; pensions can escalate with annual cost-of-living increases. Do not use escalate when you mean simply accelerate or intensify. His political problems are escalating is poor usage.Could, May, MightBoth may and might deal with possibility. For many, might carries an implication of greater uncertainty on the part of the writer, Again, the construction provides little enlightenment unless it offers further analysis. Country A may invade Country B if President X gets the support of Country C. Country A might invade Country B if President X can persuade the legislature to back him. Shortened TitlesWriters of constitutions (general use) and compilers of style guides are kindred souls. Major StormsCapitalize hurricane and typhoon as part of a US National Weather Service name for such a storm, as in Hurricane Katrina or Typhoon Morakot. Both terms designate types of cyclones, as does tornado, but personalization has not been applied to cyclones, tornadoes, or waterspouts (tornadoes gone to sea). In view of the confusion of nomenclature, be sure of what you are talking about before you write about it.Numbers In Nonliteral SenseBecause he is a shrewd politician he remains number two in the regime instead of number twenty.Ambiguous AbbreviationsStill another source of confusion is the improper kts for knots (which, if abbreviated at all, should be shortened to kn). The kts is easily mistaken for kilotons (correctly abbreviated kt). Originally published Jul 14, 2014 8:00:00 AM, updated February 01 2017 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

How to Promote an Event Using Online Marketing [Infographic]

first_img Event Marketing Topics: Originally published Jun 26, 2015 12:00:00 PM, updated August 07 2017 286Savecenter_img Preparing to run an event can sometimes feel like you’re sprinting a marathon. Months before you even announce your event to the public, you and your team have already started concepting the event, booking the venues, procuring speakers and activities, creating the materials … and so on and so forth. There’s no denying that organizing the logistics of an event is a ton of work.But checking all the logistical boxes ahead of your event is only part of the battle. The other critical part? Making people aware of the event — and getting them to actually sign up. If you fail to create buzz around your event, you can’t expect to fill many seats.Don’t worry: There’s plenty you can do online to help get people to notice, care about, and register for your next event. Email marketing, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, and social media all have important roles to play in marketing your event online.To help you get started, DataHero teamed up with Eventbrite to create the infographic below. Check it out to learn best practices for marketing your event online so you can drive awareness, registrations, and engagement with your target audience.286Save Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Linebackers Depth Chart Primer: Bundage, Edison-McGruder Key This Year

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Yesterday we got our first look at some defensive depth chart projections when we looked at the defensive line and what role Glenn Spencer’s group will play on the whole this year. Today, linebackers.LinebackersLB/Star – Kenneth Edison-Mcgruder – Jr. |  Calvin Bundage – So. | Kirk Tucker – Sr.MLB – Chad Whitener – RS-Sr. | Gyasi Akem – Sr. | Devin Harper/Patrick MaconWLB – Justin Phillips – RS-Jr. | Kevin Henry – RS-So.AdChoices广告Pretty exciting group here. I’m not as high as most on Whitener, but he’s the guy in the middle who should be the leader. It’s kind of a boom or bust group in my opinion, I would expect some really incredble plays and some bone-headed mistakes and growing pains. This isn’t a great run stopping group, but I do think they will be better in pass coverage than past LB corps.Glenn Spencer mentioned this in the PFB video at Karsten Creek, but he certainly plans on getting Edison-McGruder and Bundage on the field at the same time even if they’re slotted for the same position.You can see the strategy playing out, picture it 3rd and 10 and you have KEM and Bundage at LB and Darius Curry, Ramon Richards and Tre Flowers at safety. That is a really strong pass defensive group right there, and you absolutely have to be able to defend the pass in the Big 12.I would expect this more and more if you see four-LB looks, especially when both guys have ability to drop into deep zone coverage. Those two (KEM/Bundage) have the biggest play-making ability of the entire group. Bundage is my favorite player on the defense, he is extremely physical and can make plays with his length. He needs to cut down on mistakes but he is a player to watch moving forward.Justin Phillips has a lot of ability, he was able to get some valuable experience last year and looked awesome at times.Nice recognition by Justin Phillips here in zone coverage. Sees first WR through zone, feels square in and makes the play.— Adam Lunt (@AdamLunt817) July 29, 2017 Has the athleticism to make plays in pass coverage. He isn’t overly physical at point of attack but is sufficient enough there. I’ve said it a few times on Twitter, but I think Phillips and Bundage have the best chance to make it to the next level at the linebacker spot. Kirk Tucker will play a big role on special teams and in 3rd down passing situations.Having a Senior like Gyasi Akem at backup MLB is a nice thing to have, he is someone that provides some solid depth so we can keep Whitener’s snap count to a reasonable number. In previous years he has been on the field way too much.Kevin Henry provides nice depth at Will Linebacker behind Phillips. He had some moments last year where he played well, but he’s still young.Overall I would expect Edison-McGruder and Bundage to set the tone for this group. If they take the next step and maximize their potential this could end up being a really solid LB unit. If not I think it could be a long year for the OSU defense.last_img read more

Pepe: Portugal privileged to have Ronaldo

first_imgWorld Cup Portugal privileged to have hat-tick hero Ronaldo, says Pepe Dejan Kalinic Last updated 1 year ago 10:43 6/20/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(1) Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 2018 Getty Images World Cup Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal v Morocco Morocco Portugal The Real Madrid star’s hat-trick against Spain came as no surprise to his international and former club team-mate Portugal defender Pepe labelled it a “privilege” for the nation to have a player like Cristiano Ronaldo, saying the star’s start to the World Cup came as no surprise.Ronaldo stole the show early at the showpiece event in Russia, scoring a hat-trick to lead his side to a 3-3 draw against Spain Friday .But that display, capped with a stunning 88th-minute free-kick for the equaliser, was unsurprising to Ronaldo’s former Real Madrid team-mate Pepe. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Perfection from Pulisic: Chelsea’s Captain America has arrived in the Premier League Why always Raheem? ‘Unplayable’ Sterling setting a standard Man City’s other stars need to match ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar “To me, it’s nothing new,” he said Tuesday.”We had a fantastic match and it was very important the fact that he’s so humble on the pitch and working to help the team.”We are very happy with him and his performance and the performance of the other players. We work with a single goal – to honour our country and our shirt.”Ronaldo’s hat-trick saw him move onto 84 international goals , level with Ferenc Puskas for the most by a European.Pepe, whose team face Morocco Wednesday, said it was an honour to play alongside Ronaldo.”He’s very happy to be with us and he’s full of confidence every day, in every match,” he said.”It’s a privilege for us, Portugal, to have a player like Cristiano Ronaldo.”Portugal and Spain sit level second place in Group B after the first matchday, with Iran atop the group after beating Morocco in their opener.last_img read more

Who are the BBC & ITV pundits for World Cup 2018?

first_imgWorld Cup Who are the BBC & ITV pundits for World Cup 2018 on TV? Full TV and radio schedule Ryan Kelly Last updated 1 year ago 17:15 6/29/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Jake Humphrey Rio Ferdinand Ian Wright Getty Images World Cup Sometimes the analysis can be more entertaining than the game itself and there will be a glittering array of pundits covering the tournament in the UK The World Cup is the most viewed sporting event in the world and that means the television coverage of the tournament is catering to a colossal audience.Networks across the globe do everything they can to ensure that supporters and neutral observers alike want to tune in to their channels to take in the action.That usually involves serving up the perfect cocktail of charisma and controversy, which can be achieved with the right blend of presenters and pundits. Editors’ Picks Perfection from Pulisic: Chelsea’s Captain America has arrived in the Premier League Why always Raheem? ‘Unplayable’ Sterling setting a standard Man City’s other stars need to match ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar In the United Kingdom, the BBC and ITV share the broadcasting rights to the World Cup and the two channels will attempt to outdo each other in the joust for ratings supremacy.Ahead of the tournament, Goal breaks down who will be involved in the coverage of each channel, as well as what game is on where.World Cup pundits & presenters on BBCGary LinekerBBC’s coverage of the World Cup is chaired by the inimitable Gary Lineker, who has firmly established himself as one of the leading sports presenters in the UK since hanging up his boots.Gabby Logan joins the former England and Barcelona star on the team, covering news from the England camp, with Dan Walker, Mark Chapman and Jason Mohammed also at the tournament.Announce updated #bbcworldcup squad!Welcome aboard, @cesc4official 👌— BBC Sport (@BBCSport) June 11, 2018Lineker et al will lead analysis from a host of former and current players, with a team that includes former England internationals Rio Ferdinand, Frank Lampard and Alan Shearer.Phil Neville, Alex Scott, Danny Murphy, Martin Keown and Jermaine Jenas also join the contingent of ex-Three Lions pundits on the BBC team.Cesc Fabregas Chelsea Crystal PalaceInsight from former England stars will be complemented by alternative perspectives, with the likes of Didier Drogba, Pablo Zabaleta and former Germany and USMNT boss Jurgen Klinsmann on the panel.Spain international Cesc Fabregas, who supplied the assist for Andres Iniesta’s winner in the 2010 World Cup final, was another late addition to the group.What about the commentary?Commentary for games on the BBC will be brought to viewers through the familiar voices of Guy Mowbray, Jonathan Pearce, Steve Wilson, Steve Bower and Simon Brotherton, with Vicki Sparks becoming the first woman to commentate on the World Cup on British TV.Those individuals will be assisted in their duties by former Republic of Ireland internationals Kevin Kilbane and Mark Lawrenson, who are regular voices on BBC’s match coverage.World Cup pundits, presenters on ITVJamie Carragher Gary NevilleBroadcaster Mark Pougatch is the anchorman for ITV’s 2018 World Cup coverage, having previously led the station’s Euro 2016 and Champions League programmes, with Jacqui Oatley, Gabriel Clarke and Seema Jaswal presenting on the ground in Russia.ITV will have a veritable mix of personalities and they will no doubt be hoping to snag a few Sky Sports viewers after recruiting the services of Gary Neville, whose analysis has proven very popular on the premium channel.Neville’s former Manchester United team-mate Roy Keane, who is an ITV regular, will also be on the panel and viewers can expect some more of the Irishman’s typically blunt analysis in studio, while Wales manager Ryan Giggs will also be involved.Other ex-England internationals on ITV’s punditry team include Lee Dixon and Ian Wright, with the latter perhaps more familiar as a face on BBC’s Match of the Day programme, while Three Lioness striker Eniola Aluko is also part of the group.Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill, who famously delivered a sardonic rebuke to Fabio Cannavaro and Patrick Vieira in ITV’s 2014 World Cup coverage, reprises his role as a pundit after failing to steer the Boys in Green to Russia.Roy Keane Martin ONeill 2013Patrice Evra should certainly be an interesting addition to ITV’s line-up if the former France international’s ‘I Love This Game’ videos are anything to go by.Former Celtic and Barcelona star Henrik Larsson will be able to give some insight into Sweden’s efforts, while Slaven Bilic will hope to assess some positive Croatia performances.Interestingly, referee Mark Clattenburg will also be on the ITV team and he will be able to provide some expert deconstruction of the officiating, which should be fascinating considering the use of VAR at the tournament.What about the commentary?The unmistakeable tones of Clive Tyldesley, Jon Champion, Joe Speight and Sam Matterface will bring match commentary to us on ITV.They’ll be assisted on co-commentary duty by Glenn Hoddle, who led England at the 1998 World Cup, Ally McCoist and Iain Dowie.Full World Cup 2018 UK TV scheduleNeymar Brazil Austria friendly 2018All 64 World Cup games will be shown live on TV in the UK and they have been split between BBC and ITV.In all, the BBC will show a total of 33 tournament matches, while ITV will broadcast 32, with both channels airing the final.You can see the full breakdown of World Cup 2018 TV coverage in the UK below, including games, dates and times.Thursday June 14, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Russia vs Saudi Arabia Group A 4pm ITV Friday June 15, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Egypt vs Uruguay Group A 1pm BBC One Morocco vs Iran Group B 4pm ITV Portugal vs Spain Group B 7pm BBC One Saturday June 16, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel France vs Australia Group C 11am BBC One Argentina vs Iceland Group D 2pm ITV Peru vs Denmark Group C 5pm BBC One Croatia vs Nigeria Group D 8pm ITV Sunday, June 17, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Costa Rica vs Serbia Group E 1pm ITV Germany vs Mexico Group F 4pm BBC One Brazil vs Switzerland Group E 7pm ITV Monday June 18, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Sweden vs South Korea Group F 1pm ITV Belgium vs Panama Group G 4pm BBC One Tunisia vs England Group G 7pm BBC One Tuesday June 19, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Colombia vs Japan Group H 1pm BBC One Poland vs Senegal Group H 4pm ITV Russia vs Egypt Group A 7pm BBC One Wednesday June 20, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Portugal vs Morocco Group B 1pm BBC One Uruguay vs Saudi Arabia Group A 4pm BBC One Iran vs Spain Group B 7pm ITV Thursday June 21, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Denmark vs Australia Group C 1pm ITV France vs Peru Group C 4pm ITV Argentina vs Croatia Group D 7pm BBC One Friday June 22, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Brazil vs Costa Rica Group E 1pm ITV Nigeria vs Iceland Group D 4pm BBC One Serbia vs Switzerland Group E 7pm BBC One Saturday June 23, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Belgium vs Tunisia Group G 1pm BBC One South Korea vs Mexico Group F 4pm ITV Germany vs Sweden Group F 7pm ITV Sunday June 24, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel England vs Panama  Group G 1pm BBC One Japan vs Senegal Group H 4pm BBC One Poland vs Colombia Group H 7pm ITV Monday June 25, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Uruguay vs Russia Group A 3pm ITV Saudi Arabia vs Egypt Group A 3pm ITV 4 Iran vs Portugal Group B 7pm BBC Four Spain vs Morocco Group B 7pm BBC One Tuesday June 26, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Denmark vs France Group C 3pm ITV Australia vs Peru Group C 3pm ITV 4 Nigeria vs Argentina Group D 7pm BBC One Iceland vs Croatia Group D 7pm BBC Four Wednesday June 27, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel South Korea vs Germany Group F 3pm BBC One Mexico vs Sweden Group F 3pm BBC Two Serbia vs Brazil Group E 7pm ITV Switzerland vs Costa Rica Group E 7pm ITV 4 Thursday June 28, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Japan vs Poland Group H 3pm BBC Two Senegal vs Colombia Group H 3pm BBC One England vs Belgium Group G 7pm ITV Panama vs Tunisia Group G 7pm ITV 4 Saturday June 30, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel France vs Argentina Round of 16 3pm BBC One Uruguay vs Portugal Round of 16 7pm ITV Sunday July 1, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Spain vs Russia Round of 16 3pm BBC One Croatia vs Denmark Round of 16 7pm ITV Monday July 2, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Brazil vs Mexico Round of 16 3pm ITV Belgium vs Japan Round of 16 7pm BBC One Tuesday July 3, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Sweden vs Switzerland Round of 16 3pm BBC One Colombia vs England Round of 16 7pm ITV Friday July 6, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Quarter-finalist 1 vs Quarter-finalist 2 Quarter-finals 3pm TBC Quarter-finalist 5 vs Quarter-finalist 6 Quarter-finals 7pm TBC Saturday July 7, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Quarter-finalist 7 vs Quarter-finalist 8 Quarter-finals 3pm TBC Quarter-finalist 3 vs Quarter-finalist 4 Quarter-finals 7pm TBC Tuesday July 10, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Semi-finalist 1 vs Semi-finalist 2 Semi-finals 7pm TBC Wednesday July 11, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Semi-finalist 3 vs Semi-finalist 4 Semi-finals 7pm TBC Saturday July 14, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Semi-final 1 loser vs Semi-final 2 loser Third-place play-off 3pm TBC Sunday July 15, 2018 Match Group / stage Kick-off time (BST) Channel Semi-final 1 winner vs Semi-final 2 winner Final 4pm BBC One / ITV Full World Cup 2018 UK radio scheduleWhile TV coverage is split between the BBC and ITV, radio coverage will only be available to listen to on BBC Radio 5 Live.The station will be broadcasting every World Cup match, so will be your go-to alternative if you’re in transit or the TV gives out.Mark Chapman and Kelly Cates will lead 5 Live’s offering, with the likes of Pat Nevin, Chris Sutton, Chris Waddle, Dion Dublin and Terry Butcher on hand for co-commentary.last_img read more

Solskjaer excited to work with ‘world’s best’ De Gea

first_imgNew Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is excited to begin work with goalkeeper David de Gea, even joking he may have to take part in finishing training to test the Spaniard’s skills!De Gea has been the brightest spark for United in recent seasons, particularly under Jose Mourinho.While signed by Sir Alex Ferguson, De Gea has developed into one of the world’s leading goalkeepers in a period of uncertainty in United, under David Moyes, Louis van Gaal and Mourinho. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Solskjaer is the fourth manager – fifth, if one is to include caretaker boss Ryan Giggs – to have De Gea at his disposal since Ferguson’s retirement in 2013, and the former treble winner is excited to work with the Spaniard.”We have the best goalkeeper in the world,” he told MUTV.”He’s been there for eight years and he’s still a young goalkeeper developing. It’s fantastic for me to come in and have him.”Maybe I’ll have to do some finishing training to keep him in check!”Solskjaer scored 126 goals for United across 366 appearances, including, of course, the winning goal in the 1999 Champions League final.Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford would have been six and one respectively at the time of United’s triumph in Barcelona.Jesse Lingard Manchester United 2018-19Solskjaer worked with Lingard in Manchester United’s reserves, and is looking forward to a reunion with the attacking midfielder.”I gave him [Lingard] his debut in the reserves away at Burnley,” he added. “Within two minutes that little tiny kid goes in for a 50/50 with a massive centre back and the little kid absolutely clattered him.”I thought you have a chance. He showed me he had something.”The new United boss, meanwhile, says he is a big fan of Rashford, who has enjoyed a meteoric rise at the club.”I watched him [Rashford] when he was younger. He was really young. I’ve followed him closely and it’s great to see him where he is now.”Solskjaer will take charge of his first match on Saturday as the Red Devils take on his former side Cardiff City.  Check out Goal’s Premier League 2019-20 fantasy football podcast for game tips, debate and rivalries.last_img read more

Zico: Antlers too passive against Madrid

first_imgKashima Antlers showed too much respect to Real Madrid in their Club World Cup clash on Wednesday, according to Zico.The AFC Champions League winners missed out on a place in the final of the tournament after succumbing to a 3-1 defeat in Abu Dhabi.Gareth Bale scored all three goals for Madrid, the Welshman’s 11-minute hat-trick seeing the European champions through to face surprise package Al Ain on Saturday. Article continues below Editors’ Picks ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar Emery out of jail – for now – as brilliant Pepe papers over Arsenal’s cracks What is Manchester United’s ownership situation and how would Kevin Glazer’s sale of shares affect the club? Former Brazil international Zico – who both played for and managed Kashima but is now a technical director – was disappointed with the display from the J1 League club.”I did not see the Kashima I expected to see. I think we respected Madrid too much,” he told Omnisport.”We no longer do the kind of game we are used to doing: [playing] with pressure and trying to score. We did not play a decisive game, we just played one more game.”With Madrid you cannot play just another game if you want to win.”Its @realmadriden who advance to the final against @alainfcae_en ! A hat-trick by @GarethBale11 has @realmadrid win the game 3-1 against @atlrs_english . @atlrs_english will face @CARPoficial in the 3rd place match. #ClubWC — FIFA Club World Cup (@ClubWorldCups) December 19, 2018 Kashima had battled to a 3-2 win over CD Guadalajara to reach the last four, yet Zico felt they were far too passive against a star-studded Madrid side, allowing their opponents an easy ride.”I expected more pressure, playing on top. The coach [Go Oiwa] asked for that. Do not let them play, or think too much,” he added.”We should have shown that we wanted to play. And Kashima yesterday did not make as they did in the second half against Guadalajara to go out and try to score, for example.”So, against a strong team like Madrid, with great players who pass the ball from one side to the other, at some point of the match they will score a goal.”Instead of featuring in the final, Kashima will face River Plate on Saturday in the third-place play-off.last_img read more

Starting a Cause on Facebook

first_imgCauses is a tool that lets you easily fundraise and recruit supporters for your nonprofit on the popular social network Facebook. For nonprofit organizations, there are two components of Causes: 1) your Official Nonprofit Profile, and 2) the different cause(s) on Facebook benefiting your nonprofit, which any Facebook user can start. Your Official Nonprofit Profile is your official presence on Facebook that displays basic information about your organization, and is the page through which you manage causes that benefit your nonprofit. Causes, on the other hand, can be started by any user, including yourself, and there can be an unlimited number.Thus the Causes tool presents a “many to one” relationship, where your nonprofit can potentially be benefited by dozens of causes, all of which you can easily keep track of through your Official Nonprofit Profile.I. Setting up your Official Nonprofit ProfileGo to and fill out the Nonprofit Partner Application with the requested informationWhat you’ll need: your nonprofit EIN, a electronic picture of your logo, and contact informationClick “Submit Application”You will receive confirmation via email once you have been approved. Use the web link in the confirmation email to access your Official Non-profit Profile, which is your official presence on Facebook.Your Official Nonprofit Profile includes features to:View your “Nonprofit Scorecard”, which shows your total causes, total supporters, total donations, and total donorsEdit your profile by update contact info, organization information, etc.Select official and featured causes to display on your Official Profile on FacebookAccess donor information, including mailing address, donation amount and date of donation. You can also download the information through a CSV file.II. Starting a Cause on FacebookSign-up for Facebook at your personal account: you will need your full name, email address and birthday. You can use Privacy Settings to choose what information you want or don’t want displayed on your personal profile.Get the Causes applicationAfter setting up a Facebook account, you will be taken to your home pageClick on the “Applications” link on the far left-hand side of the pageClick on the “Browse Applications” link, then type in “Causes” in the search field to search for CausesOnce you see the Causes application, click on it. You’ll then see a button to “Add Application”, and click on this to add Causes to your personal profileStart a cause that benefits your nonprofit!Once you’ve added Causes, an icon will be displayed for it on the far left hand side under the “Applications” link. Click on the Causes icon.Click on the “Start a Cause” button.You will see fields to fill out basic information for your cause, including the name, description, and your positions and goals. You can also upload a picture.Focus the name of your cause on a specific campaign or program, and don’t just use the name of your organization.Select your non-profit as the beneficiary by browsing our database of non-profitsIII. Growing Your CauseTips & Tactics:The cause should focus on a specific issue that the organization focuses on. The name of your cause, your photo, and basic information should reflect this. Don’t simply use the name of your organization as the name of the cause or bland organization-profile information.State a concrete goal or set of goals you want to achieve. If this includes specific monetary goals with a description of what one’s financial or membership support will actually do, even better.Tell a story. Many successful cause creators have shared personal or otherwise captivating stories in the body/description of their cause – this helps convey urgency and lends a universality to your cause that more people can relate to.Designate leaders for your cause offline from different social networks. Assign goals to each one, like inviting a certain number of people to your cause every week and interacting with cause members on a regular basis.Add your leaders as administrators of your cause. They can help post announcements and media, and others can publicly see that they are leaders.Offer an incentive to your top recruiter/donor/leader, like tickets to a sports game or promotional event, a gift card, dinner at a nice restaurant, etc. (you can keep track of progress by viewing your cause Hall of Fame)Utilize the “Announcements” and “Media” posts daily and change the main photo within your cause to maximize your exposure (these posts are sent to cause members’ newsfeeds).Start debates and discussions on your “Wall” to create personal connections and to empower individuals to express what this cause means to them.last_img read more

Creating the Constituent-Centric Organization: The Benefits of Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

first_imgMany organizations struggle with a fragmented view of their supporter base because data about constituents is spread over many different places. Paul Hagen, former Forrester Research Senior Analyst and founder of Hagen 20/20, argues that moving towards an integrated view of constituents helps organizations save time, improve revenue, and increase the impact on mission.About Paul Hagen: Paul Hagen is the president of Hagen 20/20, a consulting firm that provides business strategy & planning, technology strategy & selection, project/program management, and coaching services to nonprofit organizations, green and “CleanTech” businesses, and social enterprises. Paul has over 20 years of strategy, technology, marketing, market analysis, channel development, and project management experience.last_img read more

Create an Online Fundraising Plan: Work Your Website

first_imgYour web strategy for online fundraising should include three main objectives: maintain a site design that has high usability, remember that content is king, and determine ways to increase site traffic. Work these initiatives into the part of your online fundraising plan dedicated to website improvement: Nonprofit Website Design TipsMake it easier for people to donate. Put your “donate” button above the fold, and make it BIG. Make it interactive with email capture, surveys, contests and other dynamic content. Make it accessible. You know that different people will visit your site for different reasons (to research, to donate, to kill some time). Give them each a chance to shine. Put out different welcome mats–for donors, seekers and Web-surfers. Make it simple to spread the word. Incorporate tactics to increase word-of-mouth marketing, such as tell-a-friend, email links and downloadable materials for your constituents to share.  Nonprofit Content TipsIncorporate the four parts of a great message: Connect to things your audience cares about: saving time, feeling good about themselves, feeling powerful, etc.Identify and offer a compelling reward for taking action: Remember that good rewards are immediate, personal, credible and reflective of audience values. Have a clear call to action: Good actions are specific, feasible and filmable (in other words, easy to visualize doing). They should also measurably advance your mission. Make it memorable: What makes something memorable? It’s memorable if it’s different, catchy, personal, tangible and desirable. But a word of caution: memorable elements should always be closely tied to your cause. Think of all the advertisements that were so funny or memorable that you told a friend about them, but when asked what product the ad was for, you couldn’t remember. Driving Site Traffic TipsIncrease your visibility on corporate partners’ websites. Does a local restaurant provide in-kind support for your events? Do you hold Board meetings in a local office building’s conference room? You both win if you make a plan to make your presence known on their websites. (Think a twist on the old Vidal Sassoon ad: If I (for-profit partner) look “good,” you (non-profit) look good.) Promote your events on event-listing services like, local message boards, etc. Improve your searchability. Invest in Google AdWords. Learn what meta-tags are.last_img read more

Campaign like Obama – and see him sworn in

first_imgAs I’ve said in this space before, there are two secrets to campaigning like Obama — a one-two punch of audience connection and infrastructure to serve the audience.1. Audience appeal: directly appealing to the personal concerns of your audience2. Infrastructure: putting the human and technological engines behind your audience via community-based organizations and via online engagement. There are quite a few examples of organizations working to build off this approach – and keep the country engaged going is pursuing this approach on its revamped site here. The Case Foundation is also taking this approach with a new campaign called “Change Begins With Me,” which calls for citizens across the nation to visit the Case Foundation’s website and make a personal pledge to “be the change” in 2009. By finishing the sentence, “Change begins with me–” individuals can share their commitments to change their neighborhood, community or the world in 2009. According to Case, one lucky citizen (and guest) will be randomly selected to attend the Inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama and related Inaugural festivities here in DC. And, in the spirit of giving and active civic engagement, this person will also participate in the Washington, DC Martin Luther King Day of Service. So now you can campaign like Obama – and enter a lottery to see him sworn in.I’ll now share how to NOT campaign like Obama and completely bungle all things social media.Read the horrific superlist of social media blunders of the year here.last_img read more

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, But Not Like a Record Player

first_imgLately, the top 40 airwaves (which get a lot of play in my car and house because of my daughters) have been chockablock with the Flo Rida remake of the song, “You Spin Me Round.” Flo Rida took out the record player line of the original song, probably because people like my daughters wouldn’t know what the heck a record player was. I explained to my kids that the original was pretty darn good. Then I showed them the video original, by Dead or Alive – who is, by the way, alive and well on YouTube. All I can say is: Oh. My. God. What’s with the hair? The shoulder pads? And the eye patch?!My daughters laughed hysterically through the entire video. (Another friend’s son had the same reaction.) Then my ten year old IMed her friends with a link to it to show how pathetic her mom’s heyday era was.All of this, NATURALLY, got me thinking about nonprofit marketing. Because I just had to find a reason to post this video, regardless of how big a stretch this is. So here goes.Remakes have value. In this era, we have to remake our oldie but goodie offline style for online audiences who might not relate to our originals.Times have changed. You can’t slap your offline newsletter on your website, install a Donate button and call it a day.1. We have to get shorty: Long works in direct mail. Short works online. If you put long, text heavy stuff online, you’re going to be ignored – and irrelevant.2. We have to reflect our audience rather than stick to our own same-old: What are our audiences talking about? What do they care about? How do they relate to others? We need to reflect their interests, use their preferred modes of communication, and engage them in a conversation. Monologue is so old school.3. Target, don’t blanket: Old-school outreach was “spray and pray.” Online, we can and must to do a far better job segmenting our audiences and speaking to them personally. In fact, we can do that so easily and cost effectively, there’s no excuse not to do this.And so on.Lesson – Get with the times. Oh, and don’t parade around with big hair and a eye patch talking about record players.last_img read more

Maximizing Revenue in a Challenging Environment: Approaching the Corporate Sector

first_imgNEW! Find a sample Ethics Clause below Related Documents. (You can also download the audio recording, transcript and presentation slides.)In challenging times, nonprofits often increase efforts to generate additional funding so critical programs and initiatives do not suffer. At the same time, however, securing revenue is increasingly difficult because of the economic conditions. Corporations are besieged by requests from numerous non-profits and are now more judicious as to their contributions.You must stand out from the others.Discover what the corporate sector is seeking when considering whether to sponsor your activities, and the reasons why they want to align with your organization. Going beyond the basic philanthropic request will help you develop successful long-term partnerships. Explore how to step outside the mindset of standard offerings and think strategically about establishing these relationships. Fostering these relationships will not only help your bottom line, but can assist you in other ways as well.We will also touch on some more advanced topics such as campaign optimization, integration with website analytics and opportunities for non-grant paid search campaigns.This session will provide a road map into the corporate world and help you convince a business that you are a worthwhile partner. Topics covered include:Why companies are willing to increase sponsorship fundingHow to differentiate your cause in the crowd of organizations seeking sponsorshipsRecognizing that the benefits typically offered by non-profits often do not meet the needs of the corporate sectorA step-by-step methodology for creating a successful partnership-based programEstablishing a systematic approach in your outreach to the corporate sector which differs from the philanthropic requestKey factors to evaluate to ensure your organization remains true to its missionAbout our speakerLewis Flax is President and CEO of Flax Associates, a firm that assists nonprofits in the understanding, implementation and execution of successful sponsorship and partnership sales efforts. He is currently assisting Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America, Associated Builders and Contractors, and the Institute of Management Accountants in maximizing their revenues generated through partnership offerings. Mr. Flax is active in the American Society for Association Executives and serves as an instructor for courses offered through Dale Carnegie Training.last_img read more