Know Your Market – Example: 3 Tips for Environmentally Friendly Marketing

first_img Originally published Oct 15, 2007 9:02:00 AM, updated October 01 2019 With marketing, it is not only what you say, but how you say it.  Being authentic to your personality and your brand is paramount, especially when you can be so easily exposed in today’s world where information travels in seconds and anyone can start publishing their own content to a world of hundreds of millions for free.But, how can you communicate with your market in more effective and emotionally engaging ways?  How can you change what you do as a company to create more engagement with your market?As an example, pretend your target market cares about the environment, and your company does as well.  What can you do as a company to connect with your target market on this issue?1) Go paperless.All The response rate for most direct mail is 2%.  That means that 98% of your direct mail is wasted.  Plus, in addition to the environmental impact of the 50 pieces you send for every 1 lead, there is the impact of the trucks and other transportation used to move all that mail around.  If your audience really cares about the environment, send them email, use RSS, and let them know that you are not using snail mail for marketing.2) Make your prizes environmentally friendly.Still giving away iPods and cash prizes as part of some promotional contests you are using to gather leads and build awareness?  If you want to engage with your market of environmentally conscious consumers, try changing your prizes to something they will actually care about.  Perhaps a donation in their name to a global charity or purchase a parcel of rainforest to be protected in their name?  If your market truly cares about the issue, this will be a great tool to provide more focus to your contest marketing efforts and 3) Use virtual meetings.At HubSpot, almost all of our sales are done over the phone using web meeting technology like GoToMeeting or WebEx.  Even for customers who are close by, it saves time, money and reduces the environmental impact because there is less transportation.  For your “green” customers, they will appreciate it, but even your non-green customers will appreciate the time and money you are both saving.Note: This post is part of Blog Action Day.  For an explanation and some interesting statistics, read this article I wrote about Blog Action Day, the Environment and Viral Marketing. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlacklast_img read more

Google As Vegas Casino: What Professional Blackjack Players Can Teach You About SEO

first_img Topics: 2. The rules are designed to maximize profit Some time ago, I wrote an article on this blog about . The only choice you have is whether you want to play or not, you can’t really change their rules. John makes some excellent points in his article, which I’d like to summarize and extend a bit (since I’m pretty familiar with blackjack and card-counting – and to some degree, SEO). Google as Dictator This is why when John Andrews wrote an article 5. The key is to be smart and not appear smart Originally published Sep 9, 2007 5:19:00 PM, updated October 20 2016 : Back in the early days of casino blackjack, once it was statistically shown that it was indeed possible to beat the game, the casinos tried changing the rules so as to eliminate even the possibility of a player beating the system. Interestingly, this ended up being sub-optimal. Seems that the illusion of a beatable system (despite the fact that so few players could ever actually do it) was necessary to get the players to play. This is akin to Google making the rules so draconian that they make absolute decisions as to who ranks and who doesn’t. If they did this, and it became obvious, they risk losing their “players” (the millions of Google search users). . Just like a casino, Google has an economic interest in designing the rules of Internet search so as to maximize its long term profit. Google is a for-profit company, so this should not come as a surprise. comparing SEOs to card-counters in blackjack . There is nothing illegal, immoral or unethical about counting cards at a blackjack table. Card-counters are not “cheaters”. They simply play the game better than most others and are the rare case where a player overcomes the usual house advantage and actually has a mathematically demonstrated way to make money over the long-term. This is why card-counters get banned (once they are detected). Casinos don’t like losing money. Similarly, really good SEO consultants (the smart ones) generally take profit away from Google (because they help their clients reach the market without having to pay Google for advertising).center_img . It made the front page of sites like digg and reddit and continues to be one of the most popular articles on this site. 3. Smart players reduce profitability 4. The House Balances Tradeoffs When Designing Rules . Given the point above, one of the hardest things about professional blackjack is not counting cards, but to do so without being obvious about it. This is exceptionally hard. The parallel to SEO is similar. You want to “optimize” your site, but not in such an extreme way that you get flagged for over optimization. The article drew an analogy between Google and a dictator describing the ways that if Google had such power, how it might use or abuse it. I’m a big fan of analogies (despite not being particularly good at them). This last point deserves some expansion. The true art of advanced SEO is really trying to optimize a site without seeming unnatural. It’s like sitting at a blackjack table, knowing what the “optimal” decision is (based on the card count) but choosing something that is sub-optimal, because the optimal decision will likely set off all sorts of alarms and suspicions. , I was intrigued. This particular analogy hit home with me because there was a time in my life when I actually contemplated becoming a professional blackjack player. This was well before I ever went to grad school at MIT and well before I even knew there was an MIT blackjack team. This idea didn’t last long, but it did rattle around in my brain for a bit. But I digress… Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack 1. Google is the house and the house makes the rules SEO Resources Thanks to John for providing the analogy. If there are any other SEOs out there that also are blackjack fanatics, please feel free to comment.last_img read more

HubSpot TV – Whopper Virgins, Social Media Idiots and Exploitation

first_img Originally published Dec 7, 2008 10:12:00 PM, updated March 21 2013 Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack HubSpot TV Episode #18 – December 5, 2008Like HubSpot TV? Subscribe in iTunes!center_img IntroHow to interact on Twitter Remember to subscribe in iTunes MailbagBianca681@mvolpe – have followup ? about personal branding discussion fr last week. personal domain necessary? I’d love to hear about how local business in small towns, like Realtors or insurance companies can use Social Media to grow. PeterLunn – How can you identify what social networks have demographics that match your customers? (try this: )HeadlinesUsing Twitter to Run a Contest Takeaway – Think about how you can use new tools in new ways SEO on Flickr Takeaway – If you are using cutting edge SEO techniques.  Facebook Virus Takeaway – People may be less likely to install Facebook apps.Kmart Takeaway – It’s ok to pay for promotion, just be very upfront about it, and only do it if you are really confident in your product.The Biggest Douche in Social Media Takeaway – Social Media tools like Twitter Grader can be used for good or for evil.Whopper Virgins Takeaway – Being a little offensive might be OK… but beware the Morin Moms situation.  Mike’s Twitter Contest Takeaway – Test market ideas before you launch them.Exploitation, sliminess, sketchiness…. Discussion: Pushing the edge in Marketing.  Marketing Tip of the WeekTry to combine old and new marketing techniques.  For example, use Twitter to do an old school contest, or give free stuff to top Twitter people. Forum FodderClosingSend us feedback – How long should the show be?last_img read more

5 Lessons of Enchantment from @GuyKawasaki [Interview]

first_img If you are interested in making your business for enchanting, then you might want to take the 5 Lessons of Enchantment from @GuyKawasaki 4.  What other companies consistently enchant?   In a recent interview with HubSpot, Kawasaki answered five important questions about enchantment and its role in transforming a business: Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions 5.  What are your top 3 tips for marketers out there that want to make their companies and products more enchanting? Actually, I’m not that early. I was employee #5041. I don’t know how I can remember that, but not the name of a person I met fifteen minutes ago. The three pillars of enchantment are likability, trustworthiness, and a great product. In Apple’s case, the product pillar extends “to infinity and beyond” as Buzz Lightyear would say. 2. Well, those are strong words — it sounds like you were “enchanted”?  Can you tell me a bit more about what you mean by the term “enchantment.” “Enchantment” is the process of delighting people with a product, service, organization, or idea. Its outcome is a voluntary and long-lasting allegiance that is mutually beneficial. In other words, it’s the purest form of sales and marketing. Two others leap to mind: Virgin America and Zappos. Using the three-pillar test, Virgin America’s product is also the tallest pillar. For Zappos, the tallest pillar is trustworthiness. Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack 3.  You were an early Apple employee.  Beyond the obvious stuff (i.e. Steve’s a genius), what is unique about that Apple, Apple’s culture, Steve, Steve’s attitude, etc that has allowed it to be a consistent enchantment producing machine? on the book’s Facebook Page. Originally published Feb 15, 2011 11:15:00 AM, updated March 21 2013 , Kawasaki explains how any business can enchant like the most powerful and engageing brands in the world. He argues that in business and personal interactions, your goal is not merely to get what you want, but to bring about a voluntary, enduring and delightful change in others. What are some examples of businesses that you find to be enchanting? Let’s assume that the company has a great product and is likable and trustworthy–that is, that the pillars are in place. Then my top three tips are: First, tell the story about why you created the product. Don’t use any industry-jargon and cite any marketing studies. Explain why you created a personal computer that anyone could afford or a search engine that produced better results or an airline that you would look forward to fly on. Guy Kawasaki, author, co-founder of Alltop and former chief evangelist at Apple, can tell you how. In his new book, Third, show people your magic. During the summer, the folks at NovaScotian Crystal open up the factory to enable tourists to watch how craftsmen blow glass. By showing these visitors the magic, the company has an easier time selling them crystal pieces. Showing how you make something is enchanting, so create factory and office tours. If you’re ever in Las Vegas, contact Zappos for a tour, and you’ll see what I mean. Second, plant many seeds. Don’t just suck up to the A-listers and upper-echelon visible journalists and analysts. Reach out, instead, to the great unwashed masses and hoi polloi. In the flattened new world that we now live in, it’s the “Lonelyboy15” and “Brooke888” who make or break a product. A-listers et al report the news, they don’t make it. Their blessings, for example, certainly didn’t cause the success of Facebook or Twitter. The clouds parted. I heard angels singing. The scales of character-based interfaces with cursor keys were removed from my eyes. It was the most religious experience one could have without consuming controlled substances. Enchantment Aptitude Test 1. Can you describe your initial reaction when you saw your first MAC product?last_img read more

Pinterest vs. Google+: Which New Social Network Is Worth Marketers’ Time?

first_img Pinterest Marketing We’ve all gotten used to the idea of using Twitter, Facebook, and even YouTube for marketing — even if the platforms aren’t always as brand-friendly as they could be. And why should they be? They started as social networks meant for people to talk to people, not companies to talk to consumers. But in the struggle for monetization, they’ve had to adapt and continue offering ways for brands to market and make money using social media.Free Resource: 12 Pinterest Templates for BusinessAnd we have! Many marketers have figured out how to generate leads via social media, start discussions with leads and customers, and even venture into the territory of social sales. And just when we got comfortable with this whole social media marketing thing — BOOM! — out comes Google+, followed shortly thereafter by Pinterest.Great. Two more social networks brands need to figure out how to use for marketing. We all saw what happened with Facebook and Twitter; a small segment of savvy marketers figured out how to use the social networks for marketing successfully, and businesses that lagged were left playing catch-up years later. We’re not going to fall victim to that again with Google+ and Pinterest!But do we need to figure out how to use them for marketing? Are either of them actually useful in that regard? Like most generic questions of this nature, the answer is … it depends. Pinterest and Google+ have their strengths and their weaknesses. And while in an ideal world you’d have the time to play around with both to see which, if either, is right for your business, we figure that you’re just trying to find enough time to write your next blog post.So if you just can’t decide whether Pinterest or Google+ is really worth your time, here’s a breakdown of the pros and cons of each social network. Hopefully the side by side comparison will help you prioritize whether you should pursue them as part of your internet marketing strategy.PinterestFirst, a quick review. Pinterest is a social network where users share (or ‘pin’) images and videos of items that interest them. They are either their own images and videos, or ones they’ve found on others’ pinboards or on the web. The pins are aggregated on ‘boards’ that often follow a common theme. If you decide after reading this post that Pinterest might be a good fit for your business, reference this ebook about how to use Pinterest for business.Why Pinterest RocksYou don’t want to spend your time on a social network nobody is using, so let’s start by taking a look at Pinterest’s usage stats as an indication of its usefulness, courtesy of Media Bistro and comScore. As of February 2012, Pinterest had 10.4 million users. And in January, not only did Pinterest reach 11,716, 000 total unique visitors, but the average amount of time spent on the site per visitor was 97.8 minutes. Or in highly technical marketing terms – the site’s really sticky. Why does this make Pinterest a great potential social haven for marketers? It means that the site provides significant value to its users, enough so they’re willing to set aside a large chunk of their day to spend on it. And if those metrics continue to go up, it’s an indication that Pinterest is not just a passing fad.One of the reasons Pinterest has probably taken off – and why marketers should be excited about it – is that it offers a value proposition that’s unique from the other social networks out there. If someone asked you to define what all the major social networks did – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube – it’s pretty easy to differentiate them from one another. And Pinterest is no different! None of the existing social networks do exactly what Pinterest does. Sure, you can share images on Facebook or via a Twitpic, but image-sharing is not those sites’ primary purpose as it is with Pinterest.Pinterest has also made it very easy to share content on the web, something content-crazy (in a positive way!) inbound marketers should get excited about. Pinterest prompts users to download a pinmarklet (a Pinterest toolbar bookmarklet) that allows them to pin any content they find on the web that they want to share; it’s just that easy. No copying and pasting links or switching between tabs and browsers. If you’re investing in visual content – infographics, cartoons, videos, etc. – Pinterest just made it even easier for that content to be disseminated by your readers to a brand new audience.Which brings us to one of the best parts of Pinterest – that it’s an image-driven site! And people love images, far more than they love words. In fact, images and videos are the most shared content on Facebook. If you’re a product-driven business, sharing beautiful images of your products on Pinterest is a simple way to leverage the tremendous power of visuals on a booming social network that is dedicated solely to sharing beautiful and interesting images.Where Pinterest Falls ShortOne of Pinterest’s biggest strengths, its emphasis on visual content, is also one of its biggest weaknesses for some businesses. Frankly, most people think of Pinterest as a place to look at things like clothes, hairstyles, furniture, crafts, and other visually stimulating images. If you’re not a B2C or product-oriented business – or you’re like HubSpot and your product is inbound marketing software — it’s a stretch to find a use for Pinterest. That’s not to say you can’t be successful on Pinterest; HubSpot got creative and combined pinboards of our visual content, like infographics, ebook covers, and inbound marketing graphs, with pinboards that reflect our brand, like “Fun Orange Things” and “Things With Spots.”And while relatively unsexy B2B businesses have found success on Pinterest, it has also resulted in some backlash from pinners about whether Pinterest should be a safe space from marketers. We wrote a blog post that discusses that debate in much more detail, but if you’re considering experimenting with Pinterest, it’s important to note that you very well may experience some backlash for it if you’re perceived as, well, marketing (even though Pinterest has wiped any warnings against using the site for marketing from its ‘Pin Etiquette’ since we published that post).It makes sense; one of the other weaknesses of Pinterest is the lack of dedicated brand pages. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn all eventually developed space specifically for companies, which helps alleviate some of the frustration consumers feel when they feel like they’re being marketed to in their personal social networks. The challenge marketers will face on Pinterest, then, is figuring out how to market without seeming like marketing. In other words, create visual content that’s so cool, people won’t care that it’s also driving referral traffic and inbound links to your website. Visual content creators out there know doing that is much harder than it looks.Google+Now that we know Pinterest’s strengths and weaknesses, let’s do a quick review of Google+ before continuing our deep dive. Google+ is a social network many have described as similar to Facebook. It lets users — and since November, brands have dedicated pages for the same purpose — share status updates, links, images, and videos. These updates can be commented on, shared, or receive a +1, which shows up in search engine results pages. We also have a Google+ for business ebook for your reference if you decide it’s a worthwhile social network on which to spend your marketing time.Why Google+ RocksWhile users don’t expect Pinterest to be used for business, marketers on Google+ aren’t met with any surprise from others on the social network. Even when Google+ initially launched without dedicated brand pages, it wasn’t strange to see businesses promoting their content – probably because the network worked so similarly to Facebook (more on that later) which has long since integrated brand conversations with personal updates. So if you’re concerned with being met with consumer backlash on Pinterest, Google+ is certainly a safer space to try out a new social media venture.Google+ also allows for better targeting of content with its Circles functionality. You likely have several personas developed for your business, and if you’ve done any content mapping you know that while some content is ubiquitous, much of it needs to be tailored to the audience. Instead of blasting updates to your entire Google+ following, Circles allows marketers to let their followers identify the topics they’re most interested in. This is the kind of content targeting inbound marketers relish, because it leads to higher click-through rates and a more engaged social following.But perhaps the best argument for getting started on Google+ is its integration into search results. Google+ status updates and content people have given a +1 to now appear in the organic search engine results on So whether you simply have a +1 button on your blog or you’re actively publishing content to Google+, your content has a much greater chance of dominating search results than it did before your participation in Google+. If you’re interesting in seriously dominating organic search results with Google+, reference this blog post that will teach you the tricks of the trade.Where Google+ Falls ShortJust like Pinterest, Google+’s strengths also contribute to its weaknesses. Namely, some people find it really confusing. What’s the difference between just posting to Google+, and +1’ing content? If I do either of them, does it mean I show up in search? How can I use Google+ to share content without making it indexable in search? These are all valid concerns that, as marketers, we understand, but we also easily take for granted that our target audience may not understand the intricacies of how Google+ works. And if they don’t get it, they won’t use it.Perhaps that – plus a lack of clear value proposition – is why Google+ usage has leveled off after its initially skyrocketing adoption rate. While Pinterest has users on its site for over an hour at a time, eMarketer reports that users spent an average of just 3.3 minutes on Google+ in January. Ouch. So while Google+ has more users than Pinterest, those users aren’t actually spending time on the site each month; do marketers really want to spend time on a social network their users aren’t?For Google+ to provide the same kind of value for its users as Pinterest, it needs to provide a unique value proposition like Pinterest has. Remember when I said it was easy to define the major social networks, like Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter? I have a confession. I had a difficult time coming up with the words to explain Google+ in the beginning of this section. All I could think to say was – it’s pretty much like Facebook. And until Google+ can differentiate itself further, it’s not likely users will spend more than a few minutes a month on there, either.So, Which Should You Choose?Pinterest has the opportunity to be extremely valuable for retail businesses, or anyone who sells an aesthetic-centered service — think hairdressers, for example. But it can also have a lot of value to businesses that are willing to put in the time to create visually stimulating content — we’ve written an entire post about how B2B organizations can thrive on Pinterest. But your time will be wasted if the only time you have to give, at this stage in the game, is sharing links to written content you and others are creating. Realistically, that’s what many businesses are doing on social media (and that’s okay!), and Google+ is a much more appropriate social network for such sharing.But I would be remiss to close out this post without mentioning one key difference between Google+ and Pinterest that might affect your decision to participate in the networks: Pinterest users are mostly women, while Google+ users are largely men. Okay, let’s dive into some data and raging gender stereotypes for just a minute, courtesy of Remcolandia:83% of Pinterest users are females between 18 and 34.Most Pinterest posts and photos are about design, fashion, and home decoration.63% of Google+ users are men, who tend to post about technology.Two of the biggest user groups on Google+ are college students and software developers.Does your business’ target audience have a similarly heavy skew in one of these directions — either by industry, job type, or gender? If so, this data may be key in deciding whether it’s worth your time to pursue marketing on Google+ or Pinterest.All of this isn’t to say you should use Google+ or Pinterest, or that you should limit your usage to just one. If you have the bandwidth to experiment with both, finding opportunities to present your information both verablly and visually, take on the task! (And share the results with us, please!) But since we know how strapped for time and resources many marketers already are, hopefully this side by side comparison of the pros and cons of the two newest social networks makes your decision to participate just a little less agonizing.Which social network — if either — do you find more helpful for your business, and why? Do you think one or both will fade into oblivion as a marketing tool? Don’t forget to share this post! AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to Email AppEmail AppShare to LinkedInLinkedInShare to MessengerMessengerShare to SlackSlack Originally published Mar 29, 2012 2:37:00 PM, updated July 28 2017 Topics:last_img read more

27 Time-Saving Tools and Tricks to Be a More Productive Marketer

first_imgData-Driven PrioritizationKeyboard shortcuts and productivity tools will only get you so far. It also helps to stop once in a while to examine your overall time investment and look for places to cut. The good news is, analytics can help you find ways to spend less time on activities that don’t move the needle, and more time on things that have the biggest impact on your marketing.Channel EvaluationTake a look at the visits, leads, and customers each of your marketing channels have generated.  You can see an example of this within HubSpot below. Do the outcomes driven by each channel align well with the time you’re putting into them?  Are there channels that are taking valuable marketing time without demonstrating any results? Use these metrics to reallocate your time into the channels that drive the greatest impact. Page EvaluationYou may spend tons of time getting your website to look just right, but do you know which of those pages are actually influential to people who end up buying? Use a conversion assists report or customer interviews to determine which pages were most commonly used by customers to make their purchase decision. Reallocate your time to focus more on testing and improving those pages before addressing other pages on your site.  Since I’ve already taken a good five minutes off your day, I’ll stop there so you can get back to being an inbound marketing superhero.  But my final suggestion is this: Cut yourself some slack. Time is a slippery devil. Letting your to-do list overwhelm you is the surest way to reduce your productivity. Instead, focus on conquering two or three key achievements each day. Then if there’s time, attack the long-tail of your to-do list.Oh, and it’s ok to whisper “King of the Mountain!*” each time you cross another item off. I recommend it.*Achievement catch-phrases may vary.Do you have any amazing time-saving tips that other marketers might want to know? Share your productivity hacks in the comments.Image credit: stibbons Topics: Time Management Today’s marketers are increasingly strapped for time. We live in a world where inboxes buzz at 11pm and “busy” is the most common response to “How are you?” If this sounds familiar, you’re probably faced with a conundrum: You can’t get in any earlier. You can’t stay much later. And sleeping any less would qualify you for full-on zombie citizenship.So what can you do to become more efficient in the time that you do have?  Find small victories against the clock. (And it doesn’t hurt to keep a sense of humor, either.)To reclaim precious minutes and hours in your schedule, you’re going to need a few good strategies, a collection of tools, and a liberal policy on office coffee consumption. Here’s a start from my own arsenal of inbound marketer time-saving tactics.Strategies to Speed You UpSo often, efficiency comes down to focus. The following strategies are designed to help you inject a bit more focus into your hectic day-to-day. They all need to be tried on for size, as some may work better than others for you and your business.TimeboxingIf I let them, single blog posts could take me a full day to complete. I could spend hours finding the right words for an introduction and punctuating each line with a “quick” break to peek at email or witter. The next thing I know it’s 40 minutes later and I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of side-topics and funny internet memes. (Store this gem for later. I said later, surfers.)Timeboxing adds focus and urgency that helps you move more quickly through your work. Here’s how it works:1) Allow yourself a concrete period of time for each task — for example, 2 hours to research and write a blog post.2) Block that time off on your calendar to illustrate that you shouldn’t be disturbed. In fact, if possible, go someplace quiet to work.3) Here’s the hard part. Don’t do anything else during that time period. No email. No article reading. No snack breaks.4) At the end of the 2 hours, stop. Even if you aren’t finished with the post, stop and move onto something else. Doing so will help keep your focus over the long run. You can always create a second timebox later to return and finish your post.Email QuarantineEmail quarantine is similar to timeboxing but deserves its own line, because it battles one of the biggest time vortexes of all – your bleeping inbox. The trick here is to not check email continuously throughout the day. Instead, give yourself 15 minute blocks of time at the beginning, middle, and end of the day to go through it. You may lose a step in terms of immediate response, but you’ll gain epochs in your overall efficiency the rest of the day.Walking MeetingsWritten about by many, but first introduced to me by HubSpotters Jonathan Kim and Brian McMullin, walking meetings increase your productivity by actually keeping your body and mind moving throughout the discussion. Pick a loop around your office that takes about 30 minutes to walk, then use milestones along the path to indicate where you should be in your discussion. It may seem like getting out of the office would add time to your schedule, but more often than not it results in more productive conversations. I’d encourage you to try it once and let me know in the comments how it went.30-Minute Stand-UpsWalking meetings are great for one-on-one situations; for group meetings, try a “stand-up,” a brief meeting meant to keep everyone efficient, accountable, and up-to-date … not to belabor points and “brainstorm.” Limit your time to 30-minute sessions, max — sometimes we even do 10-minute sessions — and give everyone in attendance one defined opportunity to speak. While not necessary, standing during the meeting can increase the sense of efficiency and bring a new energy to your meetings.Cheetah-Like Productivity ToolsSoftware is an overwhelmed marketer’s best friend. These are a few of the tools I use regularly to keep me on schedule and prioritizing the right things.IFTTT: IFTTT stands for “If this then that.” It’s a free tool that allows you to set up notifications or other actions based on a trigger. For example, if you’re tagged in an image on Facebook, send a text message or add that photo to your Dropbox. If you’ve got HubSpot, you probably don’t need this because notifications are part of HubSpot workflows, but for those of you don’t, IFTT is a good tool. Skitch and Clarify: Skitch is a free drag-and-drop screenshot tool that helps you capture and use images more quickly. Clarify (a HubSpot customer) is just as fast, but more advanced. It combines image capture, editing, and document authoring to help you to quickly create documents and marketing collateral.Tempo: Tempo is a calendar app I just started using that is great for people hopping from meeting to meeting. Among the time saving features, Tempo pulls in webinar dial-in information, has one-click notification to let people know if you’re running late, and integrates maps and LinkedIn profiles for meetings outside of your office. It’s pretty handy. HubSpot iPhone App: The HubSpot app allows you to track new leads and see your progress toward lead generation goals while on the go.   HubSpot Social Scheduling: Mention social media and two questions inevitably follow: Where do you find the time? And is it really worth it? HubSpot’s social scheduling and bookmark tool answers both. Chime: Okay, clearly I’m a little biased here because we loved these guys enough that we acquired them, but Chime is an incredibly useful tool that helps aggregate all of your notifications in one place, easily shaving off minutes throughout the day while keeping you informed. TripIt: I don’t travel much for work, but I’ve learned from those who do that TripIt offers a really easy way to organize flight and travel information into one place.Speed of Light Keyboard TricksMost people know about keyboard tricks to bold, underline, or copy and paste in a document. Here are few more of my favorite tricks to keep your fingers moving. Every computer model is set up differently, so you’ll have to test them out, but here are a few good shortcuts.Windows/PCCreate Filler Text: All marketers need filler text. When you’re laying out a document or writing a post, save yourself from writing blah blah blah 50 times with this simple trick. While using Microsoft Word, if you need some random text type: =rand(x,y) and press Enter; x and y are numbers of your choice. For example, =rand(3,4) gives you 3 paragraphs with 4 sentences each. Delete a Whole Word vs. Letter by Letter: Control + Backspace Change From Lowercase to Uppercase: Shift F3 Go to the Desktop: Windows Key + d Minimize Everything: Windows key + mMac ComputersScreenshot: Command + Shift + 3 to take a full screenshot, or Command + Shift + 4 to take a section of your screen. These are great for educational content when you’re trying to explain how to do something to your readers.Email a Link to This Page: Shift + Command + ILook Up a Word in the Dictionary: Control + Command + D.All Computer Types Insert a Link: Highlight the words you want to hyperlink, then hold down Control or Command and hit the letter K. Quickly Search a Page: Hold down Control or Command and then hit the letter F for find. Tab Through Your Programs: On a PC, hold down Alt and strike the Tab key to cycle through your windows. On a Mac, hold down the Command button and strike the Tab key.Internet BrowsersMove cursor to the address bar: On a PC, strike F6 Accidentally closed a tab? Get it back. For Firefox and Chrome users, Ctrl +Shift + T opens that tab that you just closed by accident. I can’t tell you the number of times this has saved me when moving too fast. Move between tabs: Control + Tab. 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OSU Moves up to No. 6 in ESPN’s Too Early Top 25

first_imgMaybe Phil Steele was wrong.ESPN has Oklahoma State ranked No. 6 in the country going into the 2017 college football season. The only teams ahead of the Pokes are Ohio State, Florida State, Alabama, USC and Penn State.Here is their analysis.With quarterback Mason Rudolph and wide receiver James Washington deciding to return for their senior seasons, the Cowboys already looked primed to challenge rival Oklahoma for a Big 12 title. Then the Pokes added two graduate transfers — Clemson cornerback Adrian Baker and Cal left tackle Aaron Cochran — who might be able to help right away.Much of the buzz this spring focused on former LSU receiver Tyron Johnson, who sat out last season under NCAA transfer rules, and now appears ready to be another weapon. Of course, if the Cowboys are going to win their first Big 12 championship since 2011, they’ll probably have to beat the Sooners in the Bedlam Series, which they’ve done only twice since 2003. [ESPN]Rounding out the top 10 are Clemson, OU, Washington and Auburn. This is a little high for my taste on the Cowboys. I prefer they fly a little further under the radar (No. 11 or No. 13 would be delightful).The last time ESPN ran this a few months ago, OSU was ranked No. 10. Because of the two transfers they got a four-spot bump. I’m not sure Cochran and Baker were worth that much, but they are certainly important to the upcoming season. While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

OSU Makes Top Schools for 3-Star Athlete Taye Barber

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Cy-Springs athlete Taye Barber has named OSU among his list of top schools along with Stanford, TCU, Ole Miss, West Virginia, Clemson, Tennessee, Arizona, Iowa State, Missouri, Kansas and Utah.Barber’s scholarship count was nearing 30 before he made the major cut to 12 on Sunday.After a stellar junior year in which he played both sides of the ball for Cypress Springs, his attention on the recruiting trail nationally skyrocketed this offseason.First, schools took notice of his skills as a free safety — the position OSU was first to offer him — but lately schools have become more and more interested in bringing him in as a playmaker out of the slot.Still, OSU’s offer, which was his first of what is now a lengthy list, meant a lot and could play a role in his final decision.“It impacts a lot,” Barber told PFB earlier this year. “They were the first school to believe in my ability as a football player.”Barber is a 5-foot-9 impact player who OSU was recruiting to bring in as a packaged deal alongside four-star standout and teammate Leon O’Neal Jr., who recently pledged to Texas A&M.last_img read more

League Wide: The Season Looms Near

first_imgLet’s take a look at some news from around the league over the last week or two.Catching UpTexas Tech is digging into that ever blowing west Texas topsoil and doing some work on their facilities.The $1.6 million project allowed Tech to upgrade its amenities with 120 steel lockers to go along with a new players’ lounge, state-of-the-art lighting system and 60-inch HD televisions scattered throughout the facility.The project was funded through The Campaign for Fearless Champions. To date, Tech has secured funding for 22 of 25 facilities project, while doubling the department’s scholarship and program endowments. The list of facility projects includes the Sports Performance Center, which is slated to open prior to the 2017 season. [Lubbock Avalanche Journal]AdChoices广告On the heels of a new indoor practice facility — the last team in the Big 12 to add one — a good move for the Red Raiders.First look at the new digs. #WreckEm— Texas Tech Football (@TexasTechFB) July 11, 2017For scale, here’s the Cowboys’ locker rooms. Beer and HornsWhile Coop obviously won the big fish (PFB, duh), Corona will settle for sponsoring the University of Texas as their official beer of choice.Longhorns fans across the country can raise more than just their “Hook ’em Horns” this season, as Corona Extra and Texas Athletics today announced an agreement designating the nation’s #1 imported beer as an Official Sponsor of The Texas Longhorns.As part of its relationship with the Longhorns, Corona’s “Horns up, Limes In!” marketing efforts and sponsorship assets include access to the university’s football, basketball and baseball programs, a responsible drinking campaign, hospitality, tickets, media exposure on the Longhorn Network, and access to the “Texas Exes” alumni community. Corona also has use of University trademarks for use in certain point-of-sale, social, digital and other advertising materials. [Constellation Brands]Texas fans could have used a Corona or seven per game since Colt McCoy left.But as Texas joins West Virginia and other schools in selling alcohol to the non-club/suite level sections, don’t be surprised to see schools take that beer money to offset losing folks who are simply watching the game at home.The Stoops EffectESPN’s FPI quantified the value of Bob Stoops retiring concerning the Big 12 title race in 2017.It’s no surprise that in the third iteration of ESPN’s college football 2017 Preseason FPI, released Wednesday, Oklahoma’s chances of winning the Big 12 take a slight hit due to the June retirement of head coach Bob Stoops, who had been at the helm of the program since 1999.Though they remain the largest favorite to win a Power 5 conference, the Sooners’ chances of securing the Big 12 title dropped from 77.5 percent to 72.3 percent. [NewsOK]A whopping 5.2 percent in 2017. On the progression of that difference — will Stoops’ loss be felt most in 2017 or three years from now?By a HairThe Sooners and Cowboys are close at the top of preseason polls.Oklahoma, now coached by Lincoln Riley following Bob Stoops’ surprising retirement, garnered 19 of 32 first-place votes and 302 points overall, edging out in-state rival Oklahoma State. The Cowboys, picked to finish second, received 12 first-place votes and were just behind the Sooners with 294 points. [Yahoo Sports]It’s unreal that a team making $50M less per year (see below) is a handful of votes away in the eyes of the media.$ $ $ is HereSo the Big 12 revenue numbers came out:Big 12 (revenue by millions)UT: $187.9#Sooners: 150.3WVU: 105.1#OkState: 93.6KU: 90.6TTU: 82.9ISU: 78.3KSU: 77.9BU/TCU: unavailable— Eric Bailey (@EricBaileyTW) July 6, 2017So if you had to tier it out (roughly), it’d be Texas and OU, West Virginia, OSU and Kansas then Tech, Iowa State and Kansas State.Quick HittersKU has their very first pre-season Big 12 defensive player of the yearQ&A with the new board chair of the Big 12West Virginia’s stud linebacker is out in September (Cowboys play them in October)Texas Tech’s Kliff Kingsbury is one of five coaches on a pretty hot seat this yearWest Virginia also landed a solid quarterback for their next class While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

Linebackers Depth Chart Primer: Bundage, Edison-McGruder Key This Year

first_imgWhile you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up. Yesterday we got our first look at some defensive depth chart projections when we looked at the defensive line and what role Glenn Spencer’s group will play on the whole this year. Today, linebackers.LinebackersLB/Star – Kenneth Edison-Mcgruder – Jr. |  Calvin Bundage – So. | Kirk Tucker – Sr.MLB – Chad Whitener – RS-Sr. | Gyasi Akem – Sr. | Devin Harper/Patrick MaconWLB – Justin Phillips – RS-Jr. | Kevin Henry – RS-So.AdChoices广告Pretty exciting group here. I’m not as high as most on Whitener, but he’s the guy in the middle who should be the leader. It’s kind of a boom or bust group in my opinion, I would expect some really incredble plays and some bone-headed mistakes and growing pains. This isn’t a great run stopping group, but I do think they will be better in pass coverage than past LB corps.Glenn Spencer mentioned this in the PFB video at Karsten Creek, but he certainly plans on getting Edison-McGruder and Bundage on the field at the same time even if they’re slotted for the same position.You can see the strategy playing out, picture it 3rd and 10 and you have KEM and Bundage at LB and Darius Curry, Ramon Richards and Tre Flowers at safety. That is a really strong pass defensive group right there, and you absolutely have to be able to defend the pass in the Big 12.I would expect this more and more if you see four-LB looks, especially when both guys have ability to drop into deep zone coverage. Those two (KEM/Bundage) have the biggest play-making ability of the entire group. Bundage is my favorite player on the defense, he is extremely physical and can make plays with his length. He needs to cut down on mistakes but he is a player to watch moving forward.Justin Phillips has a lot of ability, he was able to get some valuable experience last year and looked awesome at times.Nice recognition by Justin Phillips here in zone coverage. Sees first WR through zone, feels square in and makes the play.— Adam Lunt (@AdamLunt817) July 29, 2017 Has the athleticism to make plays in pass coverage. He isn’t overly physical at point of attack but is sufficient enough there. I’ve said it a few times on Twitter, but I think Phillips and Bundage have the best chance to make it to the next level at the linebacker spot. Kirk Tucker will play a big role on special teams and in 3rd down passing situations.Having a Senior like Gyasi Akem at backup MLB is a nice thing to have, he is someone that provides some solid depth so we can keep Whitener’s snap count to a reasonable number. In previous years he has been on the field way too much.Kevin Henry provides nice depth at Will Linebacker behind Phillips. He had some moments last year where he played well, but he’s still young.Overall I would expect Edison-McGruder and Bundage to set the tone for this group. If they take the next step and maximize their potential this could end up being a really solid LB unit. If not I think it could be a long year for the OSU defense.last_img read more

Secondary Depth Chart Primer: Experience Marks Safety Position

first_imgWe are at the end of our depth chart primers as the actual two deep should be released on Friday when Mike Gundy holds his press conference for the Tulsa game. On our last lap around Boone Pickens Stadium, let’s take a look at the Oklahoma State secondary.CornerbacksProjected startersCB – A.J. Green – So.CB – Adrian Baker – RS-Sr.Projected backupsAdChoices广告Malik Kearse – Sr.Madre Harper – So.Rodarius Williams – RS-Fr.Bryce Balous – RS-So.Bryce Brown – RS-So.Lamarcus Morton -Fr.Along with the Cowboy Backs, this is a unit that is a big unknown. We know that Adrian Baker can play, but he’s coming off an ACL and has never played a down for OSU. A.J. Green showed some flashes last year, specifically late, but there is not a ton of tape on him.Rodarius Williams easily could be listed as a starter as well, he is a guy the coaching staff is very high on. I get the feeling Green is firmly entrenched as a starter, and Williams/Baker are battling it out for the second spot. But this is irrelevant for the most part. Just like last year with Lampkin/Pipkins/Richards, OSU will have three cornerbacks on the field at times and will rotate the group a lot.Outside of those three guys mentioned, there is a group of about 4-5 who can provide depth, but haven’t really separated themselves.  My prediction is Bryce Balous and Madre Harper are the guys who see the most playing time from the reserve CB unit.Fall camp usually creates a few questions going into August.  Some of those this year were who the backup QB will be, what will the RB depth chart look like, but ultimately I think this question will be the biggest. What will the two-deep CB depth chart look like?  I think there is just a lot of speculation at this point and it will play out over the next 2-3 weeks.Expect this group to exceed your expectations. There is solid talent here and several key players who are poised to step up as big contributors.SafetyProjected startersTre Flowers – RS-Sr.Ramon Richards – Sr.Projected backups Jerel Morrow – RS-Sr.Darius Curry – RS-Sr.Za-Carrius Green – RS-So.Malcolm Rodriguez – Fr.Thabo Mwaniki -Fr.Kris McCune – Fr.At safety you have to feel pretty good. You have a TON of experience here and play-making ability. Tre Flowers is making the move to SS, given the fact that Ramon Richards doesn’t really have the size for consistent run support. Darius Curry will provide a lot of depth, and it is not completely out of the question for Spencer to play three high safeties. Since OSU has 3-4 quality safeties and 2-3 strong pass coverage LBs, it will give them the flexibility to play a lot of different looks in pass-only situations.Richards will be a really interesting story to follow, with his move to FS from CB. A lot of people label him as a guy who takes a lot of chances at CB, but actually after reviewing game film he was actually pretty consistent. He obviously is a ball hawk, and always seems to put himself in position to make plays, which is a great strength. I think the move to FS will allow him to roam a little more, and put himself in position to make more plays. Even in previous seasons they used him in a lot of different ways, this is just making things official with the position move. His ability to be a consistent tackler in space and the box will be crucial. The person who filled this role previously, Tre Flowers, has been the best tackler on the team the last few years.Flowers has the ability to make it in the NFL, with his length and versatility, the skills are there. But he really needs to prove his ability in run support. He has a strange skill set where he has the frame for a strong safety, but is really better served in a free safety capacity. If he can prove that he is able to make plays in/around the line of scrimmage, it will go a long way in proving his draft status. I think making the move to SS will help his stock, but it’s a big year for him. Could mean the difference between getting as high as a 3rd-4th rounder or going undrafted. I would expect him to play SS this season, but at next level make the move back to FS.I think a problem might be run support. Jordan Sterns was a tackle machine, and was strong run defender. There isn’t really an overly physical safety in this entire group, so I would expect them to leverage the Star (Bundage/KEM combo) position in four-LB sets for more run support instead of bringing up the SS inside the box area. Also don’t completely rule out the Star dropping into more of a safety capacity, I saw several examples in 2016 of Jordan Burton dropping into deep cover 3 coverage.Early word from camp reports is Thabo Mwaniki is impressing. Along with Tylan Wallace and Brock Martin, he is another candidate for a true freshmen getting early playing time and avoiding a redshirt. OSU has had good luck with players from Denton Guyer, hopefully he continues the trend.If this group can force turnovers and limit mistakes, they can still give up points and have a successful year. While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

Ronaldo rested for Real’s trip to Espanyol

first_imgCristiano Ronaldo Ronaldo rested as Real Madrid name squad for Espanyol clash Goal 17:43 27/2/2018 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(2) Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Getty Images Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid Espanyol v Real Madrid Espanyol Primera División The Portuguese star has not been named in the Blancos’ 19-man squad for their trip to the RCDE Stadium in La Liga on Tuesday Cristiano Ronaldo has been rested for Real Madrid’s trip to Espanyol in La Liga on Tuesday.Ronaldo, 33, scored twice as the Blancos downed Alaves 4-0 in the Spanish top flight on Saturday.However, the Portuguese star has been handed a rest ahead of the Espanyol match with Real’s crunch Champions League last 16 second-leg clash with PSG just around the corner. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Williams case shows Solskjaer isn’t holding Man Utd’s youngsters back – he’s protecting them Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Real – who currently sit third in La Liga – face Getafe on Saturday shortly before they travel to France to face Ligue 1 leaders PSG on March 6.Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema both netted in Real’s win over Alaves and the duo have been named in the squad which will lock horns with Espanyol.Captain Sergio Ramos, Isco and Marco Asensio have also been included in Zinedine Zidane’s roster.Espanyol, meanwhile, are currently 15th in La Liga and have failed to win any of their last seven games in all competitions, drawing their last four matches.Real Madrid full squad: Navas, Casilla, Luca, Carvajal, Ramos, Varane, Nacho, Theo, Achraf, Casemiro, Llorente, Asensio, Isco, Kovacic, Ceballos, Benzema, Bale, Vazquez, Mayoral.last_img read more

Report: Malaga 0 Barcelona 2

first_imgMalaga 0 Barcelona 2: Suarez and Coutinho cheer absent father Messi Dom Farrell Last updated 1 year ago 05:37 11/3/2018 LuisSuarez - cropped Getty Images Luis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho scored to seal a 2-0 victory over Malaga in LaLiga before the hosts had Samu sent off. Barcelona made light of Lionel Messi’s absence and continued their march towards LaLiga glory with a 2-0 victory over 10-man Malaga.Typically, Messi was Barca’s match-winning hero when Ernesto Valverde’s side beat nearest rivals Atletico Madrid 1-0 last weekend, but sat this one out after his wife gave birth to the couple’s third childLuis Suarez and Philippe Coutinho scored excellent goals with Messi missing inside the opening half hour and Barca’s lead at the summit – with Atleti to host Celta Vigo on Sunday – is now 11 points. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Williams case shows Solskjaer isn’t holding Man Utd’s youngsters back – he’s protecting them Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp At 2-0 loss at La Rosaleda last April landed a damaging blow against Barcelona’s title defence last season, but this Malaga find themselves rooted hopelessly to the bottom of LaLiga.Any prospect of an unlikely comeback for the hosts became even more remote when right winger Samu was deservedly sent for an atrocious 30th-minute lunge on Jordi Alba.At the break in La Rosaleda!#MálagaBarça (0-2) @LuisSuarez9, @Phil_Coutinho #ForçaBarça— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) March 10, 2018Youssef En-Nesyri and Maxime Lestienne missed chances as Malaga fought gamely, but, sitting as they do 11 point from safety, their relegation appears a similar formality to Barcelona wrapping up the title.Suarez was frustrated by a brilliant save from Roberto in the 13th minute, a strong hand keeping a shot out of the bottom-left corner after Paulinho found the Uruguay international with a clever cushioned pass.The Malaga goalkeeper had no chance two minutes later when Suarez darted between his two centre-backs to head home Jordi Alba’s superb raking cross from the left.Paulinho was at the heart of many of Barca’s best moments early on and fired into the side-netting before another Brazilian wonderfully illuminated the contest.Ousmane Dembele clipped a pass into Coutinho’s feet and the man who replaced the France winger as Barca’s record signing showed ingenuity to direct a perfect backheeled finish past Roberto.Samu then allowed his frustrations to boil over in ugly fashion as he launched himself at Alba, who was fortunate to escape with nothing more than a limp and a torn right sock.9 – Jordi Alba has provided nine assists this season in all competitions, more than any other La Liga defender. Helicopter.— OptaJose (@OptaJose) March 10, 2018That left Malaga with a dauntingly uphill task and they could scarcely afford En-Nesyri wasting a glorious 36th-minute chance.The shot-shy forward has two goals to his name all season and headed off target from inside the six-yard box after Manuel Iturra dug out a cross.Coutinho forced another sharp stop from Roberto before the break and the Malaga number one continued to be busy in the second half.Samuel Umtiti should have made him work harder when Dembele cleverly delayed a chipped cross to the far post in the 55th minute.Dembele, frustrated by injury for much of his debut season in Spain, was starting to enjoy himself and saw Roberto hold impressively after Sergi Roberto neatly laid Ivan Rakitic’s searching pass into his path.Coutinho was in a determined but fruitless pursuit for one of his long-range specials to find the net, while Lestienne hooked across goal at the other end.The game was ambling towards its conclusion by that stage, although Suarez ensured he will sit out next weekend’s match against Athletic Bilbao by earning a booking for a clumsy 84th-minute shove on Ignasi Miquel. Key Opta stats: – Luis Suarez has scored against all the 25 teams he has faced in LaLiga (106 goals in total).- Among all LaLiga players, only Cristiano Ronaldo (17) has scored more goals than Luis Suarez (14) in 2018 in all competitions. – Barcelona are unbeaten in their last 35 LaLiga games (W29 D6) – they need three more to equal the longest unbeaten run of any team in LaLiga history (Real Sociedad, 38 in 1980). – Ousmane Dembele attempted eight dribbles against Malaga (five completed), his highest tally in a single game for Barcelona (all comps).   read morelast_img read more

Man Utd dominate PL Team of the Week

first_imgPremier League Premier League Team of the Week: Man Utd trio lead the way Goal Last updated 1 year ago 07:00 12/3/2018 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(3) Marcus Rashford Manchester United Getty Images Premier League Manchester United Manchester United v Liverpool West Ham United v Burnley Huddersfield Town v Swansea City Newcastle United v Southampton Chelsea v Crystal Palace Swansea City Liverpool West Ham United Burnley Huddersfield Town Southampton Newcastle United Crystal Palace Chelsea The Red Devils notched a 2-1 win over Liverpool and saw three players make the team, with Tottenham and Newcastle providing twolast_img read more

Didier Drogba’s net worth & everything you need to know

first_imgDidier Drogba Didier Drogba’s net worth, wife and everything you need to know about the former Chelsea star Goal Last updated 1 year ago 05:46 13/3/2018 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Didier Drogba Chelsea Getty Images Chelsea Premier League Ligue 1 Süper Lig Olympique Marseille African All Stars The two-time African Player of the Year called a day on his career on Monday, so Goal takes a look at the 40-year-old’s run Didier Drogba has announced his retirement from professional football.The former Marseille, Chelsea and Galatasaray forward will mark the end of a glittering career once current club Phoenix Rising’s season is complete.He told Telefoot: “It’s really a pleasure for me to play. I started late at the top level. I really enjoy playing. I like my role of owner-player a lot. I’m surrounded by a lot of youngsters, and I like passing my know-how on to them. But this season is the last. I’m 40, it’s time now.” Article continues below Editors’ Picks Williams case shows Solskjaer isn’t holding Man Utd’s youngsters back – he’s protecting them Goalkeeper crisis! Walker to the rescue but City sweating on Ederson injury ahead of Liverpool clash Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Goal takes a look at the two-time African Player of the Year and some of his finest moments in the game.Drogba’s net worthDrogba is estimated to be worth around $90 million and has worked with some of the world’s largest brands in Samsung, Pepsi, Adidas, Nike and Konami.Previous clubsAs a child, Drogba split his time between his parents in the Ivory Coast and with his uncle, former professional football player Michel Goba, in France. As such, Drogba played his football for a number of youth teams, including US Tourcoing FC, SC Abbeville, Levallois SC, and Vannes Olympique Club, before breaking into the first team at Ligue 2 Le Mans, who Drogba would go on to represent for four seasons.Drogba’s first professional contract was signed in 1999 at the age of 21, considerably later than many of his team-mates, and it would take the birth of his son, Isaac, for the forward to take his career seriously. “Isaac’s birth was a turning point in my life, it straightened me out,” Drogba said during an interview in 2004.A season and a half with Guingamp led to a switch to Marseille, for whom he scored over 30 goals in his only season with the top-flight club.It would be during Drogba’s time at Chelsea that he would earn his reputation, however.Didier Drogba Chelsea Premier League 24052015Drogba’s Chelsea statsDrogba arrived at Stamford Bridge in 2004 and would go on to make 226 Premier League appearances and score 100 league goals before he left for China in 2012.He also scored a further 57 goals in cup competitions, taking his total number of goals to 157 in 341 appearances across all competitions.Drogba returned to west London for the 2014-15 campaign and scored four goals in 28 appearances, though only eight of those were starts.In total, Drogba scored 104 Premier League goals for Chelsea in 254 appearances, and 164 in 381 games altogether with 86 assists.The end of his first spell at Chelsea came when his contract expired at the end of the 2011-12 season, with Chinese Super League side Shanghai Shenhua picking him up on a two-year, £200,000-per-week contract, though he left for Turkey after just six months, joining Galatasaray in January 2013.A successful two-year stint in the Turkish Super Lig was followed by a brief return to Chelsea, before he signed for MLS outfit Montreal Impact as a Designated Player. Drogba’s time in Montreal fizzled out before joining Pheonix Rising as a player, but also as an owner.Goals & awardsDrogba scored 14 goals in 69 appearances for first club Le Mans, 23 in 49 for Guingamp, 32 in 55 for Marseille, 164 goals in 381 for Chelsea, and 20 goals in 53 games for Galatasaray. In China, Drogba scored eight goals in 11 games for Shenua, and for Montreal Impact he scored 23 in 41. Club Appearances Goals Assists Le Mans 69 14 NA Guingamp 49 23 NA Marseille 55 32 1 Chelsea 381 164 86 Shanghai Shenua 11 8 2 Galatasaray 53 20 13 Montreal Impact 41 23 7 Total 659 284 109 Drogba has a host of team and individual accolades, including four Premier League titles with Chelsea. He also helped the Blues to four FA Cups, three League Cups and two Community Shields, as well as scoring the winning penalty to seal the club’s first ever Champions League title in 2011-12.During his time with Galatasaray, Drogba won the Turkish Super Lig title, the Turkish Super Cup and the Turkish Cup.On a personal basis, Drogba was named as the Ligue 1 Player of the Year in 2004, scored the Ligue 1 Goal of the Year in the same year, and also bagged a spot in the Ligue 1 Team of the Season.Drogba was named as the African Player of the Year in 2006 and again in 2009 and has been named in the CAF Team of the Year on five occasions. His 20 Premier League goals were enough to win him the 2006-07 Golden Boot, and he was named as the league’s top scorer again in 2009-10 with 29.Drogba finished fourth in the Ballon d’Or voting in 2007, was named Chelsea’s Player of the year in 2007, and was named to the 2016 MLS All-Star team.Drogba’s wife & familyDrogba married long-term partner Diakite Lalla in a private ceremony in Monaco in 2011, and the pair have three children together. Their eldest son, Isaac, born in 2000, signed to the Chelsea academy as a youngster before leaving for Guingamp in February 2018. He has a daughter called Iman, and another son named Kieran.Drogba also has two footballing brothers, Joel, 32, and Freddy, 26.As mentioned, Drogba’s uncle, Michel Goba, also played football, while Michel’s son Kevin has played across the lower divisions in France. He is also the cousin of former Birmingham and Celtic defender Olivier Tebily.Didier Drogba EMBED ONLYHow old is Didier Drogba?Drogba celebrated his 40th birthday Sunday, March 12.Charity work & political careerFollowing Ivory Coast securing their place in the 2006 World Cup, Drogba used his status to make a desperate call for a ceasefire in his war-torn country.”It was just something I did instinctively,” he told the Telegraph in 2007. “All the players hated what was happening to our country and reaching the World Cup was the perfect emotional wave on which to ride.”Within a week of Drogba’s plea, warring combatants had agreed to lay down their arms following five years of civil war. Drogba was also involved in relocating an African Cup of Nations qualifier against Madagascar to the rebel stronghold of Bouake.Drogba is a Goodwill Ambassador for United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and in 2010 joined iconic figures such as Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan as sportsmen to be named in the world’s 100 most influential people by Time magazine.His charity body, The Didier Drogba Foundation, has worked on numerous projects throughout Africa and teamed up with FIFA in 2014 in an attempt to tackle ebola. Drogba also previously donated a £3m fee he earned through a sponsorship deal with Pepsi to pay for the construction of a hospital in his hometown of Abidjan.Despite being the face of his country, Drogba recently denied that he would make a move into politics or run for presidency following former PSG and AC Milan star George Weah becoming the 25th President of Liberia in 2018.“It’s not necessarily the case that all footballers will [now] want to become president. George [Weah] has opened the way for him to make an impact in his own way, and others can make an impact on their communities in other ways.”Drogba’s Instagram & TwitterDrogba has a following of 1.5 million on his official Twitter account, and just short of 6m on Instagram. The 40-year-old falls some way short of making the list of the top 25 followed footballers on Instagram, however, with Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Lionel Messi topping the bill.last_img read more

Position Preview: Linebacker Depth Could Be an Issue for OSU in 2019

first_imgThe Cowboys have a solid group of returning linebackers.But behind that core of returners is a lot of unknown. It could be a case of true freshmen backing up starters in 2019. We’ll look at Oklahoma State’s linebackers next in our Position Preview series.QB PreviewRB PreviewWR PreviewCW PreviewOL PreviewDL PreviewThe LB RoomCalvin Bundage (Sr.): OSU’s resident head hunter, Calvin Bundage had an up and down 2018. Bundage started in every game he played in last season, but he did miss the Kansas game and the Liberty Bowl with injuries. Despite missing games, he finished fourth on the team in tackles with 62. He had eight tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks. He also had penalty problems last season, an issue Mike Gundy has been adamant on correcting for the whole team in 2019.Amen Ogbongbemiga (R-Jr.): Amen Ogbongbemiga is expected to step into the Mike linebacker role that has been a strength of the Cowboys’ defense in recent seasons with Chad Whitener and Justin Phillips. Ogbongbemiga played in every game last season. He had a team-best six special teams tackles and 12 total tackles. His season highlight game when he sacked Kyler Murray in the Bedlam game. He also blocked a punt against Boise State.Devin Harper (R-Jr.): Devin Harper picked up his first career start against Kansas last season. He played in every game, finishing the year with 44 tackles, five tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks. He also had an interception against South Alabama.LC Greenwood (R-So.): LC Greenwood came to OSU as a four-star receiver before switching to linebacker this spring. He got in three games in 2018 but hasn’t recorded any statistics yet.Kevin Henry (R-Sr.): After playing in all 13 of OSU’s games as a redshirt freshman in 2016, Kevin Henry’s past two seasons have been riddled with injury. In 2017, Henry played in only the season opener (a game he had six tackles in). This past season, Henry played in 10 games, missing the Boise State, Texas Tech and Texas games. He started the Liberty Bowl and finished the year with 10 tackles.Na’drian Dizadare (Fr.): OSU defensive coordinator Jim Knowles picked out Na’drian Dizadare as one of a few true freshman that could contribute in 2019. Out of Evangel Christian in Shreveport, Louisiana, Dizadare was the 90th-ranked outside linebacker prospect in the 2019 class.Philip Redwine-Bryant (R-Sr.): A 2018 team captain and OSU Walk-On Award recipient, Philip Redwine-Bryant earned a scholarship entering his senior season. He played in every game last season, wracking up the first five tackles of his career.Braden Spicer (R-Fr.): A walk-on out of Tulsa-Union, Braden Spicer is listed at 5-foot-11, 217 pounds.Carson Kropp (R-Fr.): Carson Kropp is a 6-2, 230-pound walk-on from Owasso High School.Kamryn Farrar (Fr.): Another true freshman who could contribute this season, Kamryn Farrar was the 61st-ranked outside linebacker prospect of the 2019 class. He is out of Dallas-Skyline and chose OSU over Colorado, Air Force, Illinois State and Jackson State.Blake Barron (R-Fr.): Blake Barron missed his freshman season with a knee injury. Out of Rockwall High School (Texas), he had 104 total tackles as a senior, including 13 tackles for loss and five sacks. He picked OSU over Houston, North Texas and SMU.Adam Martin (R-So.): A walk-on from Stillwater High School, Adam Martin is listed at 5-11, 217 pounds.Relijah Sherman (R-So.): Relijah Sherman spent his freshman season at Southwestern Oklahoma State before walking on at OSU in 2018.Matthew Werner (R-Fr.): Matthew Werner is a 5-11, 211-pound walk-on from Southlake-Carroll.2019 ExpectationsThe four big names of this group are Calvin Bundage, Kevin Henry, Devin Harper and Amen Ogbongbemiga.Ogbongbemiga is probably the least experienced of the group, but apparently he has been one of Knowles’ projects since the second-year DC got to Stillwater.“Amen is a guy who I have been building since I arrived, knowing that Justin (Phillips) was only going to be with me for one year,” Knowles said at the media golf outing. “Amen is a guy who I have been building since I arrived. I’m pretty hard on him to pick up the system, to learn the system because I expect him to really be the quarterback of the whole defense. I have a lot of faith in him, too.”Those four names are solid. With that said, Bundage and Harper each missed time in fall camp with injuries, and a few injuries in a group that has already been a bit injury prone (or a targeting penalty) would make things rather interesting.Position StrengthsThat group of four is a solid group. All are upperclassmen with experience, and if those four can stay on the field in 2019, the Cowboys probably won’t have a problem at linebacker.Position WeaknessesJim Knowles said he is more concerned with linebacker depth that he is with his defensive line’s inexperience.Knowles mentioned Na’drian Dizadare and Kamryn Farrar could play roles in their true freshmen seasons, so it could turn into a situation like with OSU’s safeties last season, where those two have to take some bumps.“I’m very concerned about our linebacker depth,” Knowles said Aug. 6. “Na’Drian Dizadare is starting to step up as a true freshman. Another true freshman I think is going to have to play is Kam Farrar. We gotta get him ready. He’s got a lot of talent just to find the football. He doesn’t really know where to lineup or what to do, but he’s got talent to find the football. I think both those guys are gonna have to play because we have depth issues there.” While you’re here, we’d like you to consider subscribing to Pistols Firing and becoming a PFB+ member. It’s a big ask from us to you, but it also comes with a load of benefits like ad-free browsing (ads stink!), access to our premium room in The Chamber and monthly giveaways.The other thing it does is help stabilize our business into the future. As it turns out, sending folks on the road to cover games and provide 24/7 Pokes coverage like the excellent article you just read costs money. Because of our subscribers, we’ve been able to improve our work and provide the best OSU news and community anywhere online. Help us keep that up.last_img read more

Article Of The Week

first_imgPosted on January 21, 2010November 13, 2014Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Hungry and Homeless: Pregnant Women Seek Safe Births in Devastated CityReporting from the devastated city of Port Au Prince, UNFPA highlights the personal stories of two pregnant women who survived last week’s earthquake. The article describes the scene in the hospital where the women arrived in search of obstetric care. It outlines several of the challenges that pregnant women are facing in Port au Prince including scarce medical supplies, few skilled health professionals in the hospitals and no functioning birth registry system. In addition, many women are homeless and have very little access to food and water.Read the full story here.Share this: ShareEmailPrint To learn more, read:last_img read more

Costa Rica vs Serbia: TV, stream & preview

first_imgWorld Cup Costa Rica vs Serbia: Live blog, text commentary, line-ups, stream & TV channel Goal Last updated 1 year ago 18:30 6/17/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Adem Ljajic Aleksandar Kolarov Serbia Costa Rica Getty Images World Cup Costa Rica v Serbia Serbia Costa Rica Powerade Costa Rica open their World Cup account on Sunday against Serbia at the Samara Arena in the second game of Group E 98 min: FULL-TIME: COSTA RICA 0-1 SERBIA98 min: It’s a booking only for Prijovic for catching the face of the Costa Rica defender.97 min: The referee wants to take a look at an incident between Prijovic and Acosta. More VAR drama at the World Cup. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Perfection from Pulisic: Chelsea’s Captain America has arrived in the Premier League Why always Raheem? ‘Unplayable’ Sterling setting a standard Man City’s other stars need to match ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar 95 min: OVER! Serbia fail to clear their lines from Gamboa’s cross from the right. Ruiz fails to connect with his strike, while Bolanos on the follow-up sends his effort over. However, Bolanos was in an offside position anyway.94 min: Matic and the members of the Costa Rica bench collide on the sidelines following a dispute over a throw-in. The officials have to act to break up the melee before it turns into a serious matter.93 min: Ruiz lifts a dangerous cross to the back post looking for Campbell. Kolarov rises ahead of the forward to clear behind for a corner.91 min: Gamboa tries his luck from distance as he goes for goal from 35 yards, but Stojkovic gets behind the ball to make a comfortable save.90 min: There will be five minutes of added time.90 min: Mitrovic makes way after a difficult second half and is replaced by Prijovic.90 min: Milinkovic-Savic slides a pass to Kostic on the edge of the box and he goes for a strike. However, he can only drill his effort over the bar.88 min: Serbia could have been out of sight in the contest had Mitrovic take either of the two opportunities he had in the second half. Will that come back to haunt his side?86 min: PENALTY SHOUT! Milinkovic-Savic weaves his way through the Costa Rica defence in the final third and slides a pass to Mitrovic. The forward has the opportunity to end the game, but he fails to get a shot away under pressure from Gonzalez. He goes down, but the referee dismisses his appeal.84 min: Serbia are sitting deep in their shape now. Can Costa Rica break them down in the closing stages of the contest?83 min: Created automatically from live eventsA defensive sub by Serbia as Tadic is withdrawn for Rukavina.81 min: Campbell battles for the ball in the final third, but his high boot sees the referee award a free-kick to Serbia. Ramirez is not happy with the decision on the bench.79 min: Costa Rica win the ball on the edge of the Serbia box as Milinkovic-Savic commits an error. Borges tries to punish him with a drive at goal, but his effort is blocked by a wall of white shirts.78 min: Costa Rica have not attempted a single shot in the second half.76 min: CHANCE! Tadic does brilliantly to pick out Kostic in the box, but the midfielder cannot react to turn his foot in time. It strikes him straight on the shin and travels away from the net. The goal was gaping there.75 min: OVER! Space opens up for Milinkovic-Savic on the edge of the box and he goes for the drive at goal, but he blazes his effort over the bar.73 min: Colindres replaces Guzman in the heart of the midfield. Fresh legs are needed for Costa Rica.72 min: It’s Campbell who sends the ball into the box, but his delivery is cleared with ease by the Serbia backline.71 min: Milenkovic trips Campbell and it hands Costa Rica a free-kick in the final third. Bolanos stands over the ball on the left flank.70 min: Ljajic makes way for Kostic without making an impression in the game.68 min: Campbell goes on the surge into the left inside channel, but he loses his footing before he can threaten.67 min: Campbell replaces Urena for Costa Rica. Ramirez opts for a like-for-like replacement rather than operate with two up top.65 min: There have been as many goals from direct free-kicks at the 2018 World Cup as there were in 2014 (3).64 min: Milinkovic-Savic offloads to Tadic on the edge of the box and he looks for the backheeled pass for Ljajic into space, but the ball is intercepted by Guzman.62 min: Bolanos has space once again on the left flank and he whips a free-kick into the box, but Stojkovic is off his line and gathers with ease.61 min: Bolanos whips the ball into the box from the free-kick, but Milenkovic dropping deep clears in front of Stojkovic.60 min: Venegas makes way after being fouled for Bolanos.59 min: Ivanovic goes into the book for a poor challenge on Venegas.58 min: Costa Rica need a response here as they’ve started the second half poorly.56 min: GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! KOLAROV SCORES A STUNNER!!!! 1-0 SERBIA!!!! Serbia take the lead as Kolarov bends his free-kick into the top corner. The full-back lifted his effort over the wall and it his strike had enough bend and dip to beat Navas and hit the top corner of the net. A super effort from the Serbia skipper.56 min: Guzman goes into the book for bringing down Mitrovic.56 min: Mitrovic wins his side a free-kick with striking range after being brought to the ground by Guzman following a driving run.55 min: WIDE! Kolarov whips a corner in from the right and Mitrovic rises with Duarte to head at goal, but he can only guide his effort wide of the post.54 min: Duarte has to cover at the back, heading Kolarov’s looping cross from the left away from danger, although he has to concede a corner.52 min: Serbia have upped the ante to start the second half and are putting Costa Rica under pressure at the back.50 min: CHANCE! Tadic releases Mitrovic one-on-one with Navas in the middle of the box with a precise throughball. All the forward has to do is place his strike beyond the keeper, but Navas comes up with the save down low to his left before Duarte clears behind for a corner. A huge chance spurned by Serbia.49 min: Kolarov clutches his back after making a surge forward. He did suffer an injury in the warm-up, but was passed fit to play. That could be a concern for Serbia.47 min: Milinkovic-Savic catches Guzman on the ankle and gives away a free-kick. A late challenge from the midfielder that may have seen him cautioned on another occasion.46 min: We’re back underway at the Samara Arena.Both managers will be demanding more from their teams after the break, particularly Serbia boss Mladen Krstajic, who will be looking for more quality from his team in the final third.It’s goalless at the break at the Samara Arena between Costa Rica and Serbia. Costa Rica have had the best opening of the game when Giancarlo Gonzalez was afforded a free header six yards from goal, only to place his effort over the bar. At the other end, Aleksandar Mitrovic has been a handful, but Serbia have not been able to put Keylor Navas to the test.47 min: HALF-TIME: COSTA RICA 0-0 SERBIA47 min: Both sides appear to be struggling for ideas as the half draws to a close. Will there be time for one more opening?45 min: There will be two minutes of added time.43 min: SAVE! Milivojevic works the ball towards Milinkovic-Savic in the box, and the midfielder goes for the strike with an overhead kick. Navas has to get down to make the save, although the flag is raised anyway.42 min: WIDE! Venegas and Calvo combine down the left flank, allowing the wing-back to cut inside. Calvo beats one challenge before striking at goal on his right foot, but he pulls his effort wide of the target.40 min: Costa Rica win a corner down the left and Guzman marches over to take the set-piece. However, unlike his first delivery, his second lacks the quality to trouble the Serbia defence.39 min: Mitrovic has had eight of Serbia’s 12 touches in the opposition box.38 min: OVER! A slip from Tosic gives the ball straight to Urena 25 yards from goal. He goes for the blast on his left foot, but the forward can only send his effort over the bar.36 min: Tosic and Acosta fall to the deck after a mid-air collision. Both players require treatment before we can continue.35 min: Kolarov powers a cross into the middle, but Navas does well to come off his line to punch clear away from danger.34 min: Venegas concedes a cheap free-kick on the left flank and it will allow Serbia to whip a free-kick into the box.32 min: Ivanovic has space to raid down the right flank, but he overhits his delivery to the back post, sending it out for a goal-kick.30 min: Serbia are just starting to take control of the game. Costa Rica are having to defend deep under pressure from Krstajic’s men.Marco Urena Costa Rica Aleksandar Kolarov Serbia28 min: OFFSIDE! Milinkovic-Savic latches on to a ball over the top from Kolarov and guides an effort towards the net. Navas makes the save, although the midfielder was offside anyway.27 min: Mitrovic causes huge problems in the box for Serbia and he brings the ball under control. However, as he pulls the trigger, three red shirts converge to make the block.26 min: Tadic picks up the ball in the final third and he sends an offload into the right inside channel for Mitrovic. The forward goes for the blast across the face of goal, only to be denied by a block from Duarte.24 min: Tadic raids into space down the left flank for Serbia and he tries to fire a low ball across the face of goal, but Los Ticos manage to stifle danger once again.22 min: Created automatically from live eventsCalvo goes into the book for a mistimed lunge on Tadic. The first booking of the game.21 min: The tempo of the game has been impressive to start the contest. Both teams have not been afraid to inject life into their play.19 min: Ivanovic makes a nuisance of himself in the final third, winning a header from a free-kick. His knockdown drops in the box, but Costa Rica react first as Borges boots it away.17 min: It has been an end-to-end start to the game, with both sides finding success in the final third. However, neither has produced the quality finish to break the deadlock.15 min: Serbia build down the right and Ivanovic finds space down the flank. He cuts past the challenge of Calvo before firing a low ball across the face of goal. Navas sticks out a hand to divert the ball into the middle before Duarte hammers it away.14 min: Ruiz releases the run of Urena through the middle, but Milenkovic does well to nudge him aside before clearing the danger. Excellent work by the defender.13 min: SAVE! Mitrovic drifts into space on the edge of the box and he pulls the trigger on a right-footed effort. However, he fires his strike straight at Navas.12 min: MISS! Costa Rica should be ahead! Los Ticos catch Serbia out at the back with a short corner and Guzman lifts a cross to the back post. Gonzalez is unmarked at the back post with only Stojkovic to beat, but he places his header over the bar from close range. A shocking miss by the defender.11 min: Costa Rica win a corner down the left flank and pile men forward into the box.9 min: Venegas goes on the charge down the left flank before being halted by Ivanovic. The winger turns back and tries to cut the ball inside towards Urena, only to see his pass trickle out for a goal-kick.7 min: WIDE! Kolarov raids down the left and he goes for a drive from distance. He gets power behind the effort on his left foot, but the full-back pulls the strike wide of the target.5 min: It has been a frantic start to the game as both teams are jostling for control of the ball. Serbia win their second corner, but Costa Rica are once again able to clear their lines.3 min: SAVE! Serbia clear the initial danger from the corner, but Duarte curls a cross into the middle from the left flank. Gonzalez rises to head at goal, but he directs his effort straight at Stojkovic.3 min: Ruiz releases Urena into the right inside channel and he takes a touch to get away from Kolarov. The forward goes for a strike from a tight angle, although his effort is blocked behind.2 min: Mitrovic wins the header from the corner and the ball travels towards goal, but Costa Rica are able to clear the danger.1 min: Ivanovic puts an early cross into the box, which is cleared away from Mitrovic and behind for a corner.1 min: We’re underway at the Samara Arena.Here we go…3 mins until KO: The players are ready for the off. We should be underway very shortly.6 mins until KO: Mitrovic scored a hat-trick in the win over Bolivia. All Serbian eyes will be on him to provide an impact, leading the line this afternoon.8 mins until KO: Costa Rica have won their opening game at the World Cup in three of their previous four appearances, the only exception coming against hosts Germany in 2006 (2-4). Meanwhile, Serbia have lost their opening game by a 1-0 scoreline each time in their last two appearances.10 mins until KO: This will be the first ever encounter between Costa Rica and Serbia.12 mins until KO: Serbia are sticking mostly with the same team that crushed Bolivia 5-1 last time out. The only change to the side sees Milivojevic come into the fold to replace Kostic in the middle of the park.14 mins until KO: Ramirez has made three changes from his side that were beaten by Belgium in their final warm-up match. Venegas, Guzman and Calvo are all given the nod to start ahead of Bolanos, Tejeda and Oviedo this afternoon. Urena leads the line through the middle.15 mins until KO: Serbia subs: Antonio Rukavina, Uros Spajic, Andrija Zivkovic, Aleksandar Prijovic, Predrag Rajkovic, Milos Veljkovic, Milan Rodic, Marko Grujic, Filip Kostic, Nemanja Radonjic, Luka Jovic, Marko Dmitrovic.16 mins until KO: SERBIA (4-3-3): Vladimir Stojkovic; Branislav Ivanovic, Nikola Milenkovic, Dusko Tosic, Aleksandar Kolarov; Luka Milivojevic, Nemanja Matic, Sergej Milinkovic-Savic; Dusan Tadic, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Adem Ljajic.17 mins until KO: Costa Rica subs: Ian Smith, Christian Bolanos, Bryan Oviedo, Daniel Colindres, Joel Campbell, Rodney Wallace, Randall Azofeifa, Yeltsin Tejeda, Patrick Pemberton, Kendall Waston, Kenner Gutierrez, Leonel Moreira.18 mins until KO: COSTA RICA (3-4-3): Keylor Navas; Jonny Acosta, Giancarlo Gonzalez, Oscar Duarte; Cristian Gamboa, Celso Borges, David Guzman, Francisco Calvo; Bryan Ruiz, Johan Venegas, Marco Urena.19 mins until KO: Let’s have a look at the two teams.21 mins until KO: Mladen Krstajic’s men were up-and-down in their two warm-up matches ahead of the tournament. Serbia lost 1-0 to Chile, but found their form with a 5-1 hammering of Bolivia. They will want to come out firing this afternoon.22 mins until KO: Serbia failed to reach the tournament, but were in South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. There they failed to progress from the group stage, leaving them with scope for improvement this time around. There’s talent in the squad to make a surge for the knockout phase.24 mins until KO: Oscar Ramirez’s men struggled in their warm-up matches ahead of the tournament. Costa Rica were able to beat Northern Ireland, but defeats at the hands of England and Belgium have perhaps displayed their weaknesses for their Group E opponents to exploit.25 mins until KO: Costa Rica proved to be one of the surprise packages of the 2014 World Cup, advancing all the way to the quarter-finals before being knocked out by the Netherlands on penalties. Los Ticos will be desperate for a similar outing this time around, beginning with a win over Serbia this afternoon.28 mins until KO: Brazil and Switzerland are the other two teams in the group, and they play in the third match of the day, so the pressure is on for these sides to make an immediate impact. We will have team news for you very soon!30 mins until KO: Hello and welcome to our live text commentary of the Group E match between Costa Rica and Serbia at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Game Costa Rica vs Serbia Date Sunday, June 17 Time 1pm BST / 8am ET Stream (US only) fubo TV (7-day free trial) Squads & Team News Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas starts for his country following an impressive campaign that saw him win a Champions League trophy at domestic level. There is no space in the starting lineup for Arsenal striker Joel Campbell though; he is named on the bench with Marco Urena of Los Angeles FC preferred up front.Defender Kenner Gutierrez is also among the substitutes for Oscar Ramirez’s side after being called up as late cover for Ronald Matarrita, who misses the tournament with a right hamstring strain.Costa Rica XI: Navas, Gamboa, Gonzalez, Acosta, Durate, Calvo, Venegas, Guzman, Borges, Ruiz, Urena.Zent Saint Petersburg defender Branislav Ivanovic makes his 104th appearance for his country in this opening game of Group E, and with it becomes the country’s most-capped player in history, overtaking former Inter midfielder Dejan Stankovic.Four Premier League stars also start for Mladen Krstajic’s team: Luka Milivojevic, Nemanja Matic, Dusan Tadic and Aleksandar Mitrovic.Serbia XI:  Stojkovic, Ivanovic, Milenkovic, Tosic, Kolarov, Milivojevic, Matic, Milinkovic-Savic, Tadic, Mitrovic, Ljajic. TV Channel, Live Stream & How To Watch In the United States (US), the game can be watched live and on-demand with fuboTV (7-day free trial). New users can sign up for a free seven-day trial of the live sports streaming service, which can be accessed via iOS, Android, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV as well as on a web browser. US TV channel Online stream FOX / Telemundo fubo TV (7-day free trial) In the United Kingdom (UK), the game can be watched live on TV on BBC   or streamed live online using the ITV Player. UK TV channel Online stream ITV ITV Playerlast_img read more

Hummels still has ‘hope’ despite being ruled out of Germany-Sweden

first_imgWorld Cup Hummels keeping hopes up despite Low ruling him out of Germany clash with Sweden Jamie Smith Last updated 1 year ago 23:42 6/22/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) Mats Hummels Getty Images World Cup Germany Germany v Sweden Sweden The Bayern Munich centre-back is suffering from a neck injury he picked up in training and will not feature in their second World Cup match Germany defender Mats Hummels insists he will not give up on his hopes of making his side’s World Cup clash with Sweden, despite coach Joachim Low ruling him out with a neck injury.Hummels was one of a number of players to criticise Germany’s tactics after a 1-0 loss to Mexico in their Group F opener.The Bayern Munich man later said talks in Germany’s training camp had cleared the air ahead of facing Sweden in Sochi. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Perfection from Pulisic: Chelsea’s Captain America has arrived in the Premier League Why always Raheem? ‘Unplayable’ Sterling setting a standard Man City’s other stars need to match ‘There is no creativity’ – Can Solskjaer get Man Utd scoring freely again? ‘Everyone legged it on to the pitch!’ – How Foden went from Man City superfan to future superstar The centre-back is struggling with a neck complaint and is unavailable for the second game, according to Low.”Hummels won’t be able to play tomorrow. He hurt his neck [vertebrae] yesterday and he hasn’t improved today,” he told a news conference.”He cannot train but there’s still some time. When things like that happen, it doesn’t improve overnight.”We need players good in aerial play. I have an idea, a match plan for tomorrow. We will see what the final session yields.”Still having some hope for tomorrow, you simply don’t want to have to watch such an important game…— Mats Hummels (@matshummels) June 22, 2018But just as Hummels defied his coach in the wake of their defeat, he contradicted him again when he tweeted: “Still having some hope for tomorrow, you simply don’t want to have to watch such an important game.”Germany could be knocked out if they lose to Sweden depending on Mexico’s result in their second pool match against South Korea.last_img read more

10 Things to Never Do with Your Website

first_imgWe had a great Nonprofit 911 call yesterday at Network for Good on how to redesign your website. I’d like to share my favorite part of Michael Weiss of Imagistic’s presentation, which you can view in full here.Mike’s Top 10 “Never Do This” List of website redesign10. Never think this going to take 4 weeks9. Never think you can do this alone8. Never skip the information architecture phase7. Never do this without an RFP6. Never send the RFP to more than 5 firms5. Never choose a vendor based on price alone4. Never ask your IT Manager to manage this process this alone3. Never start without a budget in mind2. Never start this process without key stakeholders involved1. Never hire your boss’s nephewlast_img read more